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This article is a list of associated production music used in the series starting with the letter g.

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Gag 12

Gag 12 was composed by Zbigniew Wiszniewski.

Gaggle Girls

Gaggle Girls was composed by Nicolas Carr.

Gala Performance

Gala Performance was composed by Laurie Johnson.

Gala Premiere

Gala Premiere was composed by Laurie Johnson.

# Episode Scene
Season 3
047 As Seen on TV "They seem to like it when I put these patties on the grill."
Season 5
095 The Inmates of Summer The small crowd applauds after the show.
Season 6
109 The Krabby Kronicle "Get me a lead story that'll sell!"
113 Krusty Krushers SpongeBob and Patrick win the match.
115 Cephalopod Lodge SpongeBob explains the new club; "Dog pile on Squidward!"
120 Toy Store of Doom SpongeBob and Patrick read the billboards of the toy store.
123-124 Truth or Square SpongeBob decorates the Krusty Krab.
Season 7
127 I ♥ Dancing Squidward shows his moves.
Season 9
188 Kenny the Cat Kenny arrives at Bikini Bottom.


Galleon was composed by Sam Fonteyn.

  • Jellyfish Hunters - The opening
  • The Sponge Who Could Fly - "Here, we see the proud jellyfish hunter. He stands motionless to lure the jellyfish into a false sense of security and when his prey ventures too close, he springs into action."

Galloping Gertie

Galloping Gertie was composed by Sam Fonteyn. It is known outside of SpongeBob as the music in the Fox show to extensively use the APM Music Library, Family Guy.

Games Played in the Dark

Games Played in the Dark was composed by Richard Harvey.

Gates of Troy

Gates of Troy was composed by David Farnon.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
019 Neptune's Spatula Neptune is first seen.
Season 5
092 Atlantis SquarePantis SpongeBob and Patrick are in the Atlantis hallway.
Season 6
114 Dear Vikings The Vikings come to the Krusty Krab.
126 The Clash of Triton King Neptune and his family arrive at the Krusty Krab.


Gator was composed by Steve Belfer. It is most commonly used as a theme for Patrick, but also quite frequently used for SpongeBob, as well as Squidward.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
004 Naughty Nautical Neighbors Squidward sends SpongeBob and Patrick fake and mean bubble messages.
Boating School "I do have an antenna under my hat!"
005 Pizza Delivery SpongeBob checks the vehicle inspection.
009 Nature Pants SpongeBob imitates a jellyfish.
Opposite Day SpongeBob pretends to be Squidward and talks to the real estate agent; "What kind of fool do you take me for?"
010 Culture Shock "Okay, I get it."
011 Squidward the Unfriendly Ghost SpongeBob and Patrick toss a shell back and forth; SpongeBob and Patrick put Squidward to rest.
012 Employee of the Month "SpongeBob! What are you doing here!?" "You can't win that award if you don't get up for work!" (SpongeBob smashes the clock and he and Squidward argue about the award.)
013 Scaredy Pants The ending.
I Was a Teenage Gary Squidward attempts to give Gary the snail plasma.
015 Suds SpongeBob is disguised as Patrick's house which fails.
016 Valentine's Day Patrick tries to guess what his present is; SpongeBob and the other fish try to get Patrick to turn around.
018 Walking Small "Um, excuse me, sir, you're sitting on my body, which is also my face..."
019 Fools in April Montage of Squidward's various ways to apologize to SpongeBob.
020 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II SpongeBob attacks the retired Atomic Flounder.
Season 2
023 Big Pink Loser SpongeBob sees Patrick dressed up just like him.
Bubble Buddy SpongeBob introduces Bubble Buddy to Squidward.
024 Dying for Pie "Mr. Krabs, are you okay?"
025 Wormy Montage of SpongeBob and Patrick warning the town about the "monster".
026 Grandma's Kisses "Keep 'em comin', Granny!"
027 Life of Crime "I don't know, what do you wanna do today?!"
Season 3
045 Doing Time SpongeBob and Patrick are disguised as rocks.
060 SpongeBob Meets the Strangler "I feel safer already. What's next?"
Season 4
064 Good Neighbors The ending.
065 Funny Pants The next day, when SpongeBob is still laughing; The ending.
068 Patrick SmartPants SpongeBob tells Patrick about games.
073 Once Bitten Squidward tells SpongeBob to keep Gary off his property.
074 Wigstruck Patrick eats part of the wig.
077 Rule of Dumb Patrick tries to eat the crown.
078 Born to Be Wild SpongeBob warns Patrick about the biker gang.
079 The Pink Purloiner "Patrick, I'm the Scary Mustache Guy!"
080 Best Day Ever Patrick is shown jellyfishing; SpongeBob gives Patrick his old net; Patrick uses SpongeBob's new net.
The Gift of Gum Patrick rolls Gummy to SpongeBob's house.
Season 5
081 Friend or Foe "Your burgers are even worse than Stinky's!"
083 Rise and Shine Patrick sees his alarm clock ringing.
Fungus Among Us Patrick enters SpongeBob's house.
084 Spy Buddies Patrick looks through a straw.
085 New Digs "Thanks, SpongeBob!"
086 Roller Cowards "One more time!"
Bucket Sweet Bucket SpongeBob shows Plankton the new window.
087 To Love a Patty Patrick enters SpongeBob's house.
Breath of Fresh Squidward Patrick enters the Krusty Krab with an "Employee of the Month" cake.
088 Slimy Dancing The trophy gets awarded to Patrick.
089 Sing a Song of Patrick Back at home, SpongeBob is ready to hear Patrick's song.
090 The Donut of Shame Patrick tries to take the donut.
093 Pat No Pay Patrick mops the bathroom; Patrick eats the hand soap.
097 The Battle of Bikini Bottom SpongeBob flashbacks about Patrick doing unsanitary things.
099 SpongeHenge "Heh, heh... fishy go bye-bye."; "Boring!"
Season 6
101 House Fancy Patrick returns SpongeBob's brain.
104 Gone SpongeBob imitates Patrick.
107 Giant Squidward SpongeBob squirts different parts of Squidward's body.
111 SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One Patrick emerges from the water.
112 Choir Boys SpongeBob rides a unicycle.
113 Krusty Krushers SpongeBob and Patrick are blindfolded.
117 Shuffleboarding Patrick pretends to shuffleboard.
119 Overbooked "You finally made it."
121 Sand Castles in the Sand "I can assure you that was not cool."
126 The Clash of Triton Spongebob calls Patrick.
Season 7
140 The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom Patrick and Raarg play coral ring toss.
141 The Main Drain SpongeBob blows bubbles.
144 That Sinking Feeling The opening, SpongeBob and Patrick run back and forth to their houses, annoying Squidward.
145 Buried in Time "PRETZEL PALS!!!"
Enchanted Tiki Dreams SpongeBob and Patrick play "Buddy Toss."
Season 8
158 The Googly Artiste SpongeBob and Patrick do arts and crafts.
160 Patrick's Staycation Squidward yells at Patrick.
164 Pet Sitter Pat SpongeBob asks Patrick to take care of Gary.
166 Bubble Troubles SpongeBob and Patrick go to Sandy's house.
172 Glove World R.I.P. SpongeBob and Patrick chain themselves to the gates; The ending
Season 9
184 Jailbreak! SpongeBob appears as a jailguard.
185 It Came from Goo Lagoon "Good thing I keep a spare set of hands."; Patrick patting the Giant Goo and making SpongeGlob and talk.

Gator Pup

Gator Pup was composed by Steve Belfer.

Gavotte in F

Gavotte in F was composed by Giovanni Martini and Fiachra Trench.

This track has not been used yet.

Gay Activity

Gay Activity was composed by Clive Richardson.

  • Friend or Foe - Plankton and Krabs convert their dumpster hideout into a restaurant.

Gay Dog

Gay Dog was composed by Frank Chacksfield.

# Episode Scene
Season 2
031 Squirrel Jokes Sandy in the Barg’N Mart.
038 Artist Unknown Squidward shows Monty his artwork.
Season 3
056 Born Again Krabs Grand Reopening of the Krusty Krab.
Season 6
104 Not Normal "You know, it's a funny thing, Squidward. I smoothed out the edges of my personality and the rest just follow suit. Now I am utterly 'Normal'."

Gay Time

Gay Time was composed by Alan Perry.

Ghost Child

Ghost Child is a small series of cues composed by Dave Hewson.

Ghost Child (a)

Girl Goners

Girl Goners was composed by President Barack Obama on August 4, 2011, his 50th birthday.

The Girl I Left Behind Me

The Girl I Left Behind Me is a traditional song performed by Brian Peters.

# Episode Scene
Season 2
033 Shanghaied Montage of the Flying Dutchman scaring people and SpongeBob and Patrick moving the ship through the rocks.
039 Squid on Strike "Countin' me money.. Money's sweeter than honey..."
Season 3
051 Party Pooper Pants "Go on, start jumpin', or yer gonna be dealin' with the business end of me sword!"
053 Clams The fishing trip; The ending.
054 Ugh The ending.
Season 4
062 Krabs vs. Plankton Mr. Krabs laughs at Plankton; The ending.
064 Skill Crane A skill crane gets delivered to the Krusty Krab.
078 Best Frenemies Title card
Season 5
088 Money Talks Shot of the I.O.U. 1 Soul letter.
091 Le Big Switch "We don't need those losers anymore."
Season 8
173 Squiditis Mr. Krabs checks to see if Squidward is truly sick.

Give It All You've Got

Give It All You've Got was written and composed by Tony Cliff, Oswin Falquero and Brian Wade.

Glamorous Affair A

Glamorous Affair A was composed by John Fox and Otto Sieben.

  • F.U.N. - "Oh, darling, I knew nothing would ever tear us apart."
  • Patty Hype - Krabs gives SpongeBob the Krusty Krab in exchange for the Pretty Patties stand.

Glamour Party

Glamour Party was composed by Michel Gaucher.


Glissandos were composed by Skaila Kanga and Richard Myhill.

Glissando (a)

Glissando (c)

Glissando (g)

  • Frankendoodle - DoodleBob becomes a harmless doodle once more.
  • Procrastination DELETED SCENE - "I'll be one step closer to my driver's license!"
  • Nasty Patty - "The Krusty Krab is the most perfect place in the universe."
  • Enemy In-Law - "And all it took was the love of a beautiful women."

Glissando (h)

Glissando (i)

Glissando Up

Glissando Up was composed by Eric Allen.

Glory Road

Glory Road was composed by Sam Fonteyn.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
007 Hall Monitor "Yahoo!"
Season 2
037 Procrastination "But I must press onward."
Season 5
082 The Original Fry Cook "One patty, the right way!"
Season 6
119 Gullible Pants SpongeBob overjoyed.
Season 9
181 License to Milkshake

Captain Frosty Mug's first meeting; Captain Frosty Mug congratulates SpongeBob at the Krusty Krab.

186 Plankton's Pet Spot appears behind the "algae on a rock" pet.

Goodbye Rodney

Goodbye Rodney was composed by Pete Ross Winslow.

  • Skill Crane - Defeated, Squidward slides back home with a bag over his head.

Good Bye Samba A

Good Bye Samba A was composed by Ben Nabor.

  • Home Sweet Pineapple - Squidward dances on where SpongeBob's house used to be, unaware of what's happening under him, everyone celebrates the return of SpongeBob's house.
  • Opposite Day - "Hello, Squidward - oops - I mean, Goodbye, Squidward."
  • Suds - Played during SpongeBob's cure.
  • I'm Your Biggest Fanatic - "Kissy face!"

Goofy Conversation

Goofy Conversation was composed by Nicolas Carr and Barry Anthony. As the title suggests, it is known as the background music to the movie "Paranormal Activity 4". This track often sounds like Cartoon Sting 2.

# Episode Scene
Season 4
070 Chimps Ahoy The chimps arrive at the treedome.
071 Karate Island SpongeBob and Sandy arrive at Karate Island.
072 All That Glitters "No touchy-touchy the Le Spatula."
Wishing You Well Sandy, Plankton, Mrs. Puff, and Patrick make wishes; "Having fun down there, SpongeBob?"
074 Wigstruck Sandy comes over to SpongeBob's house.
076 Hocus Pocus SpongeBob and Patrick discover that Mr. Magic is a fake.
077 Rule of Dumb Squidward yells at SpongeBob and Patrick.
078 Best Frenemies "Aha! I knew you were behind this!"
079 The Pink Purloiner "What are you doing?"
080 Best Day Ever SpongeBob enters the treedome; "I can't right now, SpongeBob!"
The Gift of Gum SpongeBob and Patrick exchange gifts; The robot gives Patrick a massage.
Season 5
082 Night Light "SpongeBob's having a party?"
083 Rise and Shine "Oh...The food is in the can!"
Waiting Patrick accidently eats SpongeBob's birthday cake.
Fungus Among Us Patrick notices green fungus on SpongeBob's head.
084 Good Ol' Whatshisname Squidward tries to talk to Whatzit Tooya.
085 Krabs a la Mode "Unlike you, he's a good businessman."
086 Bucket Sweet Bucket Plankton tries to paint the Chum Bucket.
088 Slimy Dancing "Dancing isn't supposed to be fun."
089 The Krusty Sponge Squidward tries to flip a spatula; Squidward walks into Mr. Krabs' office.
Sing a Song of Patrick "I wish not to be disturbed, SpongeBob."
091 Goo Goo Gas
092 Atlantis SquarePantis Squidward scolds SpongeBob and Patrick.
093 Pat No Pay SpongeBob says that Patrick has "Krabby Patty Withdrawal."
094 Blackened Sponge SpongeBob wakes up.
095 The Inmates of Summer SpongeBob talks to the warden for the first time; The camp counselor talks to the warden.
097 20,000 Patties Under the Sea SpongeBob notices the submarine sticking out from under the ground.
098 What Ever Happened to SpongeBob? Mr. Krabs yells at Squidward.
100 Stanley S. SquarePants SpongeBob and Stanley go to Patrick's house.
Season 6
101 Krabby Road "That was a delightful song you were singing."
103 Suction Cup Symphony SpongeBob does tests on Patrick while Squidward is trying to write.
104 Not Normal Squidward sees SpongeBob's new house.
Gone SpongeBob searches for Gary.
106 A Life in a Day SpongeBob arranges his socks.
107 No Nose Knows Patrick plugs SpongeBob's pores.
108 Plankton's Regular SpongeBob disguises himself as Karen.
110 Grooming Gary Patrick appears in SpongeBob's house.
112 Porous Pockets The apprasial worker approaches SpongeBob and Patrick.
113 The Card Patrick buys the last pack of cards; SpongeBob fastens the card to Patrick's hand.
115 Cephalopod Lodge Squidward hears a knock at the door.
116 To SquarePants or Not to SquarePants "I mean, do these pants look square to you?"
117 Professor Squidward SpongeBob and Patrick enter Squidward's class; "You want to know what happened?"
112 Single Cell Anniversary "There's only one thing to do."
123-124 Truth or Square "Everybody quiet!"; Spongebob remembers the day he and Sandy got married.
Season 7
128 Growth Spout "That's strange..."; Pearl eats the whole refrigerator; "I searched the entire house."
129 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy Spongebob tells Sandy to wash before slicing and dicing.
130 Model Sponge "Whew! I am taller!"
131 Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful "Stuck doing community service, eh?"; Squidward says he'll clean up Bikini Bottom in a day; Squidward pulls the ticket off his face.
132 Yours, Mine, and Mine "Patrick, it's me, SpongeBob."
133 The Curse of Bikini Bottom SpongeBob and Patrick enter Squidward's shed; SpongeBob and Patrick go to bed.
138 Rodeo Daze SpongeBob and Patrick have a staring contest; SpongeBob packs his clothes.
141 The Main Drain "Mr. Krabs sure has a lot of baggage about drain dealies..."
145 Enchanted Tiki Dreams SpongeBob and Patrick play with an electric eel.
147 Hide and Then What Happens? SpongeBob puts socks on his hands.
152 Big Sister Sam "I think your sister's temper is getting a little out of control."
Season 8
156 Frozen Face Off Everyone gathers at the campfire.
163 Plankton's Good Eye Plankton sees SpongeBob on a picnic.
Season 9
183 Squid Defense Squidward is seen around town.

Gorgeous Girl

Gorgeous Girl was composed by Kurt Schick.

Goro Goro Ne

Goro Goro Ne was composed by The Starlite Singers.

Grand Orchestral Fanfare

Grand Orchestral Finale was composed by Gregor F. Narholz

# Episode Scene
Season 1
001 Help Wanted SpongeBob lifts weights; "Who's a big yellow cube with holes?"
011 MuscleBob BuffPants SpongeBob lifts weights.
Season 2
021 Your Shoe's Untied "Cause I'm ready!"
025 Patty Hype "Pretty Patties is the best idea ever!"
Season 3
057 Krabby Land Mr. Krabs lifts up the curtain and shows Krabby Land to the kids.
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? SpongeBob begins to play paddleball.

Grass Skirt Chase

Grass Skirt Chase was composed by Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield. This often sounds like Chase Cue 1.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
002 Ripped Pants
003 Jellyfishing
005 Pizza Delivery
009 Nature Pants
012 Employee of the Month
013 I Was a Teenage Gary
015 Suds
017 Rock Bottom
Season 2
021 Your Shoe's Untied
Squid's Day Off
Season 3
043 Just One Bite
056 I Had an Accident
059 The Sponge Who Could Fly
060 Pranks a Lot
Season 4
061 Shell of a Man
065 Selling Out
074 Wigstruck
076 Hocus Pocus
077 Rule of Dumb
078 Born to Be Wild
080 The Gift of Gum
Season 5
084 Good Ol' Whatshisname
085 Krabs a la Mode SpongeBob stops him.
088 Slimy Dancing
089 Sing a Song of Patrick
090 A Flea in Her Dome
The Krusty Plate
093 BlackJack
094 Blackened Sponge
Mermaidman vs. SpongeBob
095 The Inmates of Summer Patrick runs to see SpongeBob before he goes to camp.
096 Pest of the West
097 20,000 Patties Under the Sea
The Battle of Bikini Bottom
099 The Two Faces of Squidward
100 Stanley S. SquarePants
Season 6
101 Krabby Road
103 Spongicus
Suction Cup Symphony
105 The Splinter
Suction Cup Symphony
106 Sun Bleached
107 Giant Squidward
109 Boating Buddies
112 Choir Boys
116 Squid's Visit
121 Shell Shocked
123-124 Truth or Square
125 Pineapple Fever
Chum Caverns
Season 7
127 Tentacle-Vision
128 Stuck in the Wringer
131 A Pal for Gary
133 The Curse of Bikini Bottom
136 Summer Job
140 Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle
142 Sponge-Cano!
143 The Great Patty Caper
149 Tunnel of Glove
Season 8
154 The Hot Shot
164 Pet Sitter Pat
167 Bubble Buddy Returns
168 Restraining SpongeBob
169 Are You Happy Now?
170 Home Sweet Rubble
171 InSPONGEiac
177 The Good Krabby Name
178 Hello Bikini Bottom!
Season 9
181 Squid Baby
182 Bumper to Bumper
187 Don't Look Now
189 SpongeBob You're Fired


Graveyard was composed by Johnny Pearson.

# Episode Scene
Season 3
046 One Krabs Trash Mr. Krabs searches for Smitty Werbenjegarmanjensen's grave.
050 Wet Painters SpongeBob and Patrick get paint all over Mr. Krabs' first dollar.
Season 4
063 Have You Seen This Snail? Patrick searches for SpongeBob.
077 Rule of Dumb Patrick realizes that everybody hates him now that he's king.
Season 5
082 Night Light Light shows up in Squidward's house.
083 Fungus Among Us SpongeBob sees the fungus on the wall, scoops it up, and tries to throw it away, but it sticks.
Season 7
133 Squidward in Clarinetland Squidward tries to get SpongeBob.
Season 9
182 Bumper to Bumper Mrs. Puff drives SpongeBob to the abandoned road.

Great Achievements

Great Achievements was composed by Nick Glennie-Smith.

Great Moments

Great Moments was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

# Episode Scene
Season 3
048 No Weenies Allowed SpongeBob is allowed into the Salty Spittoon.
052 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V Mermaid Man reunites with Barnacle Boy.
Season 4
076 Driven to Tears SpongeBob and Patrick reunite out of the prison
Season 6
119 Gullible Pants "You okay, boy?"
Season 9
186 Plankton's Pet Plankton reunites with Spot.

The Great White

The Great White was composed by Gregor F. Narholz.

# Episode Scene
Season 1
020 Hooky "The carnival is back in town!"
Season 2
030 I'm Your Biggest Fanatic The queen jellyfish appears.
040 Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm The Sea Captain is seen scraping his hook against the window against the Krusty Krab.
Season 7
125 Chum Caverns Mr. Krabs and Plankton get trapped underground.
126 The Clash of Triton SpongeBob and and Patrick walk through the destroyed Bikini Bottom.
140 Welcome To The Bikini Bottom Triangle Sea Captain talks about Bikini Bottom Triangle; SpongeBob and Squidward are in the Bikini Bottom Triangle.
141 The Curse of the Hex SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs tip toe.
142 Trenchbillies SpongeBob and Patrick gulp.

The Grinder

The Grinder was composed by Rolf Anton Krueger.

  • Jellyfishing - SpongeBob and Patrick get ready to go jellyfishing.
  • Mooncation - Sandy and SpongeBob go "Moon Crater-Boarding."


Gruesome was composed by The Surfdusters.

  • Walking Small - Plankton yells at the beach goers with his megaphone.
  • Prehibernation Week - Sandy comes into the Krusty Krab and sets up a search party to find SpongeBob.
  • No Weenies Allowed - SpongeBob struggling to open the ketchup bottle.
  • Mid-Life Crustacean - "Hey, you guys must be lost."
  • BlackJack - SpongeBob imagines Blackjack as a giant; SpongeBob imagines Blackjack using him as dental floss.

Guaracha Senorita

Guaracha Senorita was composed by Heidi Pehofer.

Guerilla Warfare

Guerilla Warfare was composed by Harry Bluestone.

Gunning for Danger

Gunning for Danger was composed by Syd Dale.

  • Sun Bleached - HIp Young Old Folk: "It's radical! Radical! Drink it!"

The Gunfighter

The Gunfighter was composed by Franco Micalizzi and Roberto Pregadio.

  • Pickles - Title card; SpongeBob first confronts Bubble Bass; "It's time."
  • The Krusty Sponge - SpongeBob prepares a Krabby Patty for Gene Scallop.
  • Pest of the West - "Who said that?!"; "All right, kid, I'm gonna make it simple for you."
  • Someone's In The Kitchen With Sandy - "That no-good who nabbed my pelt surely came here."
  • This music is also used in a game called "Invasion of the Patty Snatchers" This is used in the Game Over section.

Gypsy Jazz March

Gypsy Jazz March was composed by Sam Spence.

Gypsy Violinist

The Gypsy Violinist was composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

  • Pickles - SpongeBob looks for the pickles on the bitten Krabby Patty.
  • Nature Pants - "This is the way it's gonna be!"
  • SB-129 - "I don't belong here! This is all a horrible mistake! Please, we've got to do something!"

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