The lion fish is a fish who only appears in the episode "Spongicus." It is a captive in the Chum Coliseum by Plankton.


The Lion Fish is an orange and yellow creature. It is similar to a sea bear and a sea rhinoceros. It is a fish with a head and claws of a lion and a body of a fish. The creature does not resemble to its supposed namesake, and is very much like an African male lion and a Goldfish.


Head view of the lion fish

Role in episode

It can be seen chasing Patrick due to him having some blood sausages strapped around his neck. SpongeBob takes the sausages around Patrick's neck and throws it to the lion fish, which hit Plankton. This causes the lion fish to chase Plankton.

It is later seen at the Krusty Krab, working as a "financial expert" of Mr. Krabs, which he uses to scare customers into buying Krabby Patties, now for 10 dollars.

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