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The light blue cellmate is a character who only appears in the episode "Jailbreak!" He was one of Plankton's cellmates.


The light blue cellmate is a tall, light blue fish with light green arms and fin.

Role in episode

The light blue cellmate is first seen eating Plankton's food. Not knowing, he eats Plankton, and as Plankton calls out his own name from inside, the purple cellmate gets angry at the light blue cellmate and the latter gets beaten up by him and Reggie.

After Plankton gets everyone settled down, the light blue cellmate agrees to help Plankton escape prison and take the Krabby Patty secret formula with the use of chum. However, the light blue cellmate and the others are all soon arrested and taken back to prison.


  • He reveals that he used chum as a gas bomb to rob a bank.