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This is a list of short songs in SpongeBob SquarePants.


SpongeBob SquarePants - 4 Ply00:32

SpongeBob SquarePants - 4 Ply

4-Ply is a song by Boys Who Cry that was covered by Squidward (voiced by Rodger Bumpass) and was featured in the episode "Whale of a Birthday." It is unknown if that is even the whole song, because Squidward was cut off by Pearl's teenage friends and is pelted with a Krabby Patty statue head of Pearl and other miscellaneous food items.


When my tear ducts give issue
I can't use just any tissue
I need 4-Ply, 4-Ply, 4-Ply
When I cry. Huh!


Sing a Song of Patrick 63

Ay... is the second song sang by Patrick Star in "Sing a Song of Patrick." Along with "I Wrote This," it is one of two songs wrote by Patrick.


[SpongeBob and Patrick are randomly yelling and dancing, while thrashing a chainsaw and guitar.]


  • Ay... is the shortest song in the series, lasting less than 5 seconds.

Bikini Bottom National Anthem

Bikini Bottom National Anthem-300:08

Bikini Bottom National Anthem-3

"Bikini Bottom National Anthem" is the anthem that Bikini Bottomites use as a pledge. The anthem was first heard in the episode "Imitation Krabs" as part of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs' secret handshake, and again in "Little Yellow Book" when Squidward puts it on the radio after learning he dances in his underwear when he hears that theme. The anthem was recited in "Imitation Krabs" while SpongeBob and Robot Krabs stood on one leg and balanced a cup of chocolate milk on their heads.


Oh, Bikini Bottom,
We pledge our hearts to you.
As faithful, as deep, as true, as blue!
Bikini Bottom, we love you!

Birthday Song for Squidward

Happy Birthday Squidward!00:33

Happy Birthday Squidward!

Birthday Song for Squidward is a song sung by SpongeBob and Patrick in "Opposite Day," although it was not actually Squidward's birthday.


Surprise! Happy Birthday Squidward!
Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Cake!
Happy Happy Birthday! Pin the Tail on the Seahorse!
Happy Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Squidward!

Brush, Brush, Brush My Teeth

Brush, Brush, Brush My Teeth is a song sung by SpongeBob in "Krabby Road." It's to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Plankton tuned somewhere else before finishing the song.


Brush, brush, brush my teeth,
Gently keep them clean-

Brushin' Everywhere

Brushin' Everywhere

"Brushin' Everywhere" is a very short song sung by Patrick while brushing his teeth in the episode "Dumped."


Brush brush brush,
Brush brush brush,
Brushin' everywhere

Cookie, Wookie, Teddy Bear

Cookie, Wookie, Teddy Bear is a song sung by Eban Schletter in "Sing a Song of Patrick." Before the band members are forced to sing Patrick's song, they are heard performing the ending line of the song. It isn't the whole thing, but it is all that was heard of it. The song was written by Tom King.


—and that's why you're my cookie-wookie teddy bear!

Eat at The Krusty Krab

Eat at the Krusty Krab is a song sung by Mr. Krabs while was interrupting Squidward's show, "Squidward Chat." This song was featured in the episode, "Tentacle-Vision."


Krusty Krab, Krusty Krab
Eat at the Krusty Krab!
We don't just want you,
We want your money too!
Krusty Krab, Krusty Krab
Krusty Krab, Krusty Krab
We want your money too!

Fancy Livin'

Spongebob-Fancy Livin00:07

Spongebob-Fancy Livin

Fancy Livin' is a song sang by SpongeBob and SpongeBob when they were walking away from the Con Man's first house with their Candy bar bag-carrying bags.


Fancy livin', here we come!
La la la la, la!

For He's A Jolly Good Rookie

Spongebob Squarepants - For he's a Jolly Good Rookie00:21

Spongebob Squarepants - For he's a Jolly Good Rookie

For He's A Jolly Good Rookie is a song sung by Bikini Bottomites in "F.U.N." This music sounds similar to "For He's A Jolly Good Fellow."


For he's a jolly good rookie,
For he's a jolly good rookie,
For he's a jolly good rookie...
Which no- whatever.

Gary's Feeding Time

Gary's Feeding Time is a song sung by SpongeBob in "Krabby Road," It is to the tune of "Oh My Darling Clementine."


Time to feed 'im, time to feed 'im
Now it's Gary's feeding time!
Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow-

Gary's Way

Gary's Way is a song sung by SpongeBob in the episode "Missing Identity" as he's giving Gary breakfast.


Gary's Way!
The most important meal of the day,
Servin' it up,
Gary's way.

Going on down to Boating School

Going on down to Boating School is a song sung by SpongeBob in the episode "The Hot Shot." He sings it as he runs down to Boating School, and is cut short by his classmates who he thinks are cheering for him (they are cheering for Tony Fast).


Goin' on down to Boating School
Boating School, Boating School
Goin' on down to Boating School
La dee da da, Mrs. Puff-

Going on Vacation

Going on Vacation is a song sung by SpongeBob in the episode "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation."


Going on vacation with Mr. Krabs!
Going on vacation with his daughter Pearl!
Going on vacation with the whole Krabs Clan!
La la la la la la la!
I'm a vacation man!

Have You Seen My Genius

Have You Seen My Genius is song sung by Plankton in the episode "Chum Bucket Supreme."


Oh yeah, who's the genius?
Have you seen this, seen this, seen this
Seen my genius, genius, genius!

I'm Squidward

I'm Squidward is a song sung by Patrick Star and then by him and SpongeBob in the episode "Opposite Day."


I'm Squidward! I'm Squidward!
Squidward, Squidward, Squidward!


This is a song by SpongeBob in the episode "I Had an Accident."

Indoors Song (HQ)00:29

Indoors Song (HQ)


I know of a place,
Where you never get harmed.
A magical place,
With magical charms.
Indoors, indoors, indooooors!
Take it away, Penny! [silence]

Krabby O' Mondays Birthday Song

Appeared in Selling Out.


Happy Happy Birthday [sighs]
Happy Happy Bir-

Krusty Krab Pizza

Krusty Krab Pizza is a song sung by SpongeBob in "Pizza Delivery," while walking with Squidward Tentacles.


The Krusty Krab Pizza Song00:29

The Krusty Krab Pizza Song

The Krusty Krab pizza is the pizza for you and me
Krab Pizza, is the pizza, absolutively!
[Beat Boxing]
[Beat Boxing]
[Beat Boxing]
Ba ba
Doogily doogily pizza
Doogily doogily pizza
Doogily doogily pizza
Krusty Kra-a-a-a-a-ab Pizza, is the pizza, yea-ah, for you and me-e-e-e-e-e!

Laundry Song

Laundry Song is the song in "New Digs" when SpongeBob does laundry. Its instrumental version is the title card song.

SpongeBob Music- The Laundry Song00:08

SpongeBob Music- The Laundry Song


Laundry song, la la la
Sing about your laundry all day long!
La-la-la-la-laundry song!

Meatball, Meatball

Meatballs Meatballs Spaghetti Underneath00:07

Meatballs Meatballs Spaghetti Underneath

Meatball, Meatball is a chant used in the episode "Imitation Krabs," as part of SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs' secret handshake. The chant is recited while Robot Krabs is shot out of a cannon and lands on a chair to "eat" a plate of spaghetti.


SpongeBob and Robot Krabs: Meatball, meatball
Spaghetti underneath.
Ravioli, ravioli
Great Barrier Reef!


  • Near the end of Imitation Krabs, Plankton does his own reprise that goes like, "Ravioli Ravioli, give me the formuoli."
    • This has become somewhat of an internet meme, with many edited videos of the clip, and even a remix of the phrase to the Wiz Khalifa song 'Black and Yellow'.

Mr. Krabs' Sea Shanty

This sea shanty is a song by Mr. Krabs sings to drive out SpongeBob's earworm in "Earworm."


It be drowsy and wet on the mighty high seas
The ideal abode for rampant disease
Oh, mateys. Oh, mateys. Don't ever weep!
If I so much as peep, cast me into the deep!

Night Song

The Night Song is a song sung by SpongeBob SquarePants in the episode "Graveyard Shift."


Night, night, night, night
Night, night, night, night
Night, night, night, night

Off to Work

Off to Work is a song sung by SpongeBob in "The Endless Summer" short.


Off to work at the Krusty Krab,
frying up patties and
blabbity blab.

Pearl's Me Daughter

Pearl's Me Daughter is a song sung by Mr. Krabs in "Squeaky Boots."

Pearl's My Daughter!


Yar har, Pearl's me daughter,
And I'll spit in your eye! Yo-ho,
Pearl's a whale and it's her birthday,
yar, yar, yar Ta-da!

Sandy's Western Song

Sandy's Western Song is a song that Sandy sings in an attempt to remove SpongeBob's earworm in the episode, "Earworm." Sandy states that this song is even more "irresistible" while wearing a cowboy hat.


Life on the prairie is lonesome indeed,
Not a friend in sight amongst the rustle and weed,
So when I get lonesome, I don't have a conniption,
I just fire up my friend generator contraption!

Santa's Coming Tonight

Santa's Coming Tonight is a song sung in the episode "Christmas Who?" by a group of Bikini Bottomites gathered around a Christmas tree."


Santa's coming tonight, tonight,
Santa's coming tonight!
Spongebob's Santa's Coming Tonight Tonight01:36

Spongebob's Santa's Coming Tonight Tonight

Santa's coming tonight, tonight,
Santa's coming tonight!
Santa's coming tonight, tonight!
Santa's coming tonight!

Scurvy Ain't For the Likes of Me

Spongebob Squarepants Soundtrack - Scurvy Ain't For The Likes Of Me00:44

Spongebob Squarepants Soundtrack - Scurvy Ain't For The Likes Of Me

Scurvy Ain't For the Likes of Me is a song from the episode "Party Pooper Pants."


Oh... scurvy ain't for the likes of me,
Yo ho yo ho,
Yo ho, yo ho, yo ho, yo ho... Oh!
Yo ho yo ho, yo ho, yo ho, yo ho, yo ho...
Oh, scurvy ain't for the likes of me.

Secret Hideout

Secret Hideout is a short song heard in the episode "The Wreck of the Mauna Loa." The song was sung by Patrick Star.


Secret hideout, secret hideout, secret hideout, secret hideout, secret hideout, secret hide!-

Squidly's Songs

These are some songs sung by Squidly in "Dunces and Dragons."

I Was the King's Favorite Fool


I was the King's favorite fool
I made merry mirth and laughter!
But I told one bad joke, and the King had a stroke,
Now I hang from ye old rafter.

Spare Us, Dark Knight


Oh Dark Knight spare us please,
don't cut off our heads or boil our knees,
Pray, take these two, and let me go free,
and I will give to thee some... cheese!

The Dragon is Here


The evil wizard's dragon is here, see the townsfolk scream with fear,
See the townsfolk try to run, I can tell this won't be fun,
The dragon will torch everything, everything in the valley,
Hospitals, schools, retirement homes, and even Ye Olde Bowling Alley!

The King is Bad


Oh, hear me king, for I must sing,
how you are the greatest at everything,
The King is Bad (Lyrics and Download)00:40

The King is Bad (Lyrics and Download)

like letting a dragon burn down our city,
a horrible sight that wasn't pretty,
'twas all your fault and 'tis a pity.
You were bad, you are to blame,
now hang your kingly head in shame,
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.
The king is bad, the king's to blame,
he hangs his kingly head in shame,
la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la!

The Princess Screams

This song is about how Princess Pearl is close to death, and Squidly is not very hopeful that she will survive from Planktonamor's wrath. The melody vaguely resembles "Rule, Britannia."


Hark the princess, she screams from the tower,
From the sound of her shrieks, this is her final hour.

There Once Was a Dragon


There once was a dragon so handsome and smart,
He let me go free, for he had a big heart! [zapped by the dragon]
Everyone be-ith a critic.

'Tis All Ended Well


Hark rings the bell, 'tis all ended well,
The dragon is vanquished, the princess returned,
And only a few of us got badly burned!

Squidward Is My Best Friend

Squidward Is My Best Friend is a song sung by SpongeBob in the episode "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" while SpongeBob is playing the bass very badly and squeakily and is singing. In the second verse, he pulls back the bow on the string like a bow and arrow and lets go, having it go through one of Squidward's paintings.


Squidward, is my best friend, in the world,
Squidward, is my best friend in the sea,
Squidward, likes Patrick more than SpongeBob,
And Patrick is a dirty stinky rotten friend stealer!

Surreptitiously Mine

"Surreptitiously Mine" is a short song performed by SpongeBob in the episode "To Love a Patty.' The lyrics were written by Casey Alexander, one of the storyboard directors and writers for the episode.


Someday I’m gonna make you my sweetie
Not overtly, but surreptitiously
Drum solo! Doo! Doo-doo-doo-doo!

The Toy Store Song

The Toy Store Song is a short song heard in the episode "Toy Store of Doom." SpongeBob sings the entire song.


Toys, glorious toys!

We Are Der Little Kiddievinks

We Are Der Little Kiddiewinks is a song heard in the episode, "Sold!." It is sung by Squidward pretending to be the the Fishtrapp Children.


We are der little kiddievinks,
Der kiddievinks, der kiddievinks.
Ve are der little kiddievinks,
Ve love to sing all day!

Welcome Home, Sandy

In the episode "A Flea in Her Dome," SpongeBob and Patrick tries to sing a song about Sandy coming back. This song is known as Welcome Home Sandy. However, the bus driver stops SpongeBob before he can finish this song. Many have praised the bus driver for this.


Welcome home, Sandy,
You know that we missed you!-

Oh, I Wonder

Oh, I Wonder is a song sang by Mr. Krabs in "What's Eating Patrick?."


Oh, I wonder how many Krabby Patties I can sell!

I Don't Care

I Don't Care is a song sang by Squidward in "CopyBob DittoPants" when he thought he was dreaming.


I don't care,
I don't care,
None of this is real!

I'm Gonna Know

I'm Gonna Know is a song sang by Plankton in "CopyBob DittoPants."


I'm gonna know the formula!
I'm gonna know the formula...

Walking to Work

Walking to Work is a song sang by SpongeBob when he was walking to the Krusty Krab, per it's name. It was sang in "The Clam Whisperer."


Walking to work ain't too shabby!
'Cause I'll be whipping up a Krabby Patty!

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