Your house

You have to go find the key at Goo Lagoon. First, you must head left, then head right, watching out for the green person after Sandy and hitting them with your bubble, then keeping on and you’ll get there. First, you have to get used to the controls, if you weren’t paying attention in the beginning. A makes you use your weapon, B makes you jump, SELECT makes you view the screen with goals and where you can change items, START pauses and lets you choose to restart the area or quit the game and also provides a password, pressing Up lets you talk with your friends, and pressing down lets you squish down. There you go. Also, you only have two hit points in this game, your health relying on your… sigh… pants. So, watch it with the enemies, alright?

Heading on to right, past the two Bikini Bottom citizens, then stopping and hitting the green bodybuilder with a bubble to make him run off. Keep on heading right, pressing up on the signpost to go and talk with Mrs. Puff, talking with her to get the uniform (which gives you three hits until you die), then heading back to Mussel Beach. Head on right, jumping up on the pier, then up to the bluish colored bubbles. Once they head to the far right, jump onto the clear bubbles, then onto the other bluish bubbles that appear. Ride them to the right, bouncing over to the new ones, then the ones closest to the cliff, bouncing onto the cliff after you reach the top. Fall down the cliff, opening the treasure chest at the bottom with Up and getting a spatula, then hitting the body builder with a bubble and climbing back up on the clear bubbles.

Jump on the bluish bubbles heading right, then to the cliff, keeping on right. Head to the end, then jump on the bluish bubbles, bouncing from clear to bluish to clear until you get to a sandy colored cliff, falling down here. Watch out for the scallop swimming around and head right, opening the treasure chest and getting the Net Launcher. Keep on heading right, bouncing up to the small ledge, hitting the body builder with a bubble, then jumping up to the ledge he was just at, though I’d duck down to the lower level to make sure the body builder will vanish. Bounce onto the bluish bubbles, heading all the way up and bouncing to the other bluish ones, taking them all the way up until you can jump onto the clears.

Now, head to the left using the bluish and clear ones again, keeping on past the chest. When you get to the anchor, jump on top of it and it will take you down past the goo and walking over, opening the pirates’ treasure chest. Finding out that you need four knobs to open the path to the Dutchman’s world, SpongeBob is ready to go. Now, head to the right, watching out for the scallop or equipping the jellyfish net and catching them, keeping on right until you fall down a somewhat deep pit. Now, head left, catching or avoiding the scallops, then opening the treasure chest at the end and getting the spring boots. Now, keep on heading right, jumping on cliffs and avoiding scallops as you need to, keeping on until you get to the swirling vortex at the end, pressing up to enter it and return to Mussel Beach. Head to the left back to Sandy’s park, then going to the sign in the middle, pressing up and A to get to the Jellyfish Fields.

Jellyfish Fields

Well, here you are in Jellyfish Fields, home to one of SpongeBob’s favorite pastimes. It’s a small jaunt through this level, that’s all this is. Head on left until you get to the geyser, jumping on it and to the left, landing on the platform (though not too far left or you‘ll hit a jellyfish). Open the chest, then keep on heading left, hitting the red and blue thing with a bubble, making sure to jump over it as it runs at you. Continue on, watching the platform to the left, then jumping to it and to the ledge after it once the small blue thing goes down the side.

Hit the red and blue thing here, jumping over it as it runs away, then jump up until you are right on top of the swirly thing. Press up to enter it, then jump up and ignore the chest. Now, fall down on the bluish bubbles, over to the clear, then on to the other bluish bubbles, finally falling off the bluish bubbles and opening the chest here, getting even more pants if you need them. Jump on the clear bubbles, then the flower above the red and blue thing, finally to the moving platform and up to the cliff, ignoring this chest too. Bounce down to the left, then jumping on the bluish bubbles, then to the clear ones, then to the bluish, then to the clear, opening the chests if you like.

Jump from bluish to clear and that pattern until you get to the cliff, jumping on that and ignoring the chest. Keeping on, bounce down, then up the clear bubble stairs, ignoring the chest on this cliff as well. Get on the rising-falling platform, then on the next one, getting down on the small ledge to the right at the bottom and opening the chest. Finally, jump as far as you can to the left twice, once you land the second time, a boss appearing. To kill this boss, a giant jellyfish, just shoot up bubbles at it and run to the opposite side of the screen that it’s on whenever it gets ready to shock you. After five or six hits, that’s it, no more giant jellyfish. For this, you get the first of the oven knob keys and are returned to the entrance of the fields.

Head back to Sandy’s Park, heading left and hitting the baddie with a bubble, then keeping on, finally going into SpongeBob’s Block. Talk with Patrick if you want, his telling you he lost his shorts at the carnival, then keep on heading right, pressing up and A at the sign to agree to enter the Carnival.


Well, this looks like… not much of a carnival. Meh. Anyways, head left, hitting the slug with a bubble and moving on, then jumping up, hitting the sneezing fish, and making sure he doesn’t run you down. Keep on left, hitting the next sneezing fish and standing for a moment to make sure he vanishes, then opening the treasure chest at the end to get the uniform if you need it. Bounce up and to the left, then up to the first ledge, blowing a bubble to get rid of sneezing fish, then keep up the ledges to the right, stopping at the end.

Jump onto the hook at the right (no, Squidward Tentacles isn’t holding this one), quickly jumping to the next as this one will fall. Keep on across the hooks until you get to the cliff, bouncing up to the little sign pointing to the left. Equip the jellyfish net and bounce up the next two ledges, heading left and using the net on the two swimming enemies. Bounce up the cliffs, watching out for the fish near the top, then hop on the lure, finally over to the cheese. Bounce from here, over to the lure, then quickly over to the platform. Hop on the lure to the far left here, riding it up until the first lure on the right, jumping onto it. From here, jump to the up-down lure, from it to the next when you reach the top, then to the stationary lure at the end.

Now, keep on jumping right, from the going up when you jump on the lures to the stationary, all the way until you get to the platform, opening the two chests if you need some health and ammo for the net launcher. Equip the bubbles, then bounce on the lure, falling all the way down. Head right, hitting the sneezing fish, then keeping on right. While doing so, jump up to the ledges with the arrows pointing right, making sure you avoid the swimming thing at the bottom, keeping on and hitting the slug, then jumping on the lure going up. Jump on the cheese as when you get to the top, then jumping lures all the way until you get to the ledge. Jump on the going up lure, quickly bouncing to the lure on the left. Keep on heading right on these lures, then onto the platform, hitting the sneezing fish here and getting a pair of pants from the chest.

Now, here’s a few tricky jumps. Jump over to the falling lure, to the rising one, to the falling one, finally to the stationary. Keep on heading left until you get to the platform, picking up Patrick’s shorts in the middle. Jump up the two stationary lures to the left, then to the one heading right. Jump on the lure that goes up, then to the stationary, finally to the platform, getting the oven knob key here. Now, head on out of here, heading left and returning the shorts to Patrick, getting Ol’ Reliable. Head to the right now, keeping on past the Chum Bucket and after beating the baddie with a bubble. Head on, talking to Mr. Krabs and getting the pizza, then heading back to the left. Press up on the sign in the middle and A to go into the Kelpazoic Jungle.

Kelpazoic Jungle

Well, alright, another place. Head on to the right after equipping the net, watching out for the swimming things and jumping up on the forked platforms. At the very top, catch the swimming thing, then jump on the bluish bubbles, heading to the right and entering the swirly thing. Now, re-equip the bubble wand and jump up to the left, hitting the red and blue things and avoiding the swimming ones as you go. Jump on the geyser and fly to the right out of the hole (be careful of the swimming thing near where you jump), heading right and opening the chest if you need some health. Now, jump on the forked platforms up until you have avoid the swimming thing, jumping on the ledge. Let the swimming thing keep on heading left, watching out for the spiny thing on the ground, finally jumping on the bluish bubbles.

Head onto the right moving bubbles, avoiding or hitting the red and blue thing on the ledge to the left. Fall onto the platform here, avoiding the spiny and swimming things as you keep on heading right. Watch out for the spiny thing as you pass through the tunnel, keeping on until you fall down one. Head left here, jumping over both of the geysers, then falling down again at the end, opening the treasure chest for net launcher ammo. Hope you haven’t been using this any. >.> Jump on the forked platforms left, jumping on the ledge with the red and blue thing and hitting it with a bubble. Watch out for the swimming thing, fall down directly left of the ledge, then head right, giving the pizza to the explorer, finally heading in the swirly thing.

Equip the net here, heading right, going by the clams as they close up, and grabbing the swimming things in your way. Once you find a bluish bubble platform, hop on it and take it to the left. Keep hopping the bluish bubbles to the left until you get to the platform, keeping on left while avoiding the clam and the swimming thing. Jump on the new bluish bubbles on this end of the platform, then to the others, finally hopping up to the ledge with a chest and open it for some health. Jump on the bluish bubbles, heading right, and just keeping on stepping up and off onto more bubbles to each of the platforms until you get to the end, facing the Jungle Fish.

The Jungle Fish is pretty easy. All you have to do is avoid the stuff he throws, then make him fall down with a hit from your bubbles, doing this four times, then catching him in one of your nets. This is the way you get your third key. Now, head on back to Downtown and go talk with Mr. Krabs. He’ll be really happy about money (as always) and will give you a Hyrdo Dynamic Spatula, which allows you to flip unlimited Krabby Patties. Now it’s time to go to the Undersea Desert; but, first, head to the right twice, and then left, returning to Sandy’s Park and talking with her. Seems she lost her hat. Well, Ms. Cheeks, you’ll get that back shortly. Head back to the right, then going to Outer Town from Mussel Beach, stopping at the sign, pressing up, and then A to enter the Undersea Desert.

Undersea Desert

I equipped the Hydro spatula before coming here, just so you know. Head to the right, feeding the body builder so you can go past him, waiting for the clam to close to get past it, then ducking under the scallop. Jump over the three uprisings, watching out for the scallop after the second, then feeding this next body builder. After getting past him, equip Ol’ Reliable, heading past the clam when it closes and catching the scallops and spiny thing past it. Duck down and go under the platform, catching scallops all the way until you get to the ledges, jumping up them and then to the right as you bounce on the geyser. Hop on the platform here until the top, jumping to the right and catching the scallop, then heading down to the right, then to the left, watching out for the geyser and the slug spit. Finally, head down to the right and catch the spiny thing, going down to the left (making sure you don’t fall on the scallop), catching the scallop and opening the chest if you need health.

Keep on to the right, heading past the clams when they are closed, catching the scallop, and jumping on the geyser to the right. Skip the slug and fall down, skipping the chest too, then heading right again and bouncing onto the first platform, catching the scallop. Jump up the platforms, ignoring the slug, then stopping for a moment and bouncing up, catching this scallop too. At the top, you can jump to the left and get some pants, then jump right, catching the scallop at the top of the cliff, then falling down. When you hit the geyser, head as far to the right as you can, catching this scallop, then heading inside the cave.

In here, bounce up to the first ledge, catching the spiny thing, then heading in and bouncing up to the left on the geyser, then heading that way, to the right on this geyser. Keep on right, catching the spiny thing and the scallop, then falling down and pressing right when you hit the geyser. Keep on walking when you land, equip the Hydro Spatula, and then you come face to face to some sort of Western fish. O.O Well, anyways, jump over his fire, then throw a patty at him. When he jumps up to the top square, jump over the scallops, then feed him another burger. After he recovers, he’ll fire three shots around, so just fall down to avoid them. Feed him five times and you get the final knob and Sandy’s hat back. Sandy gives you the Moon Man Catcher, a net launcher with infinite ammo. After all of this, a cinema happens and you fall down a long hole to Rock Bottom.

Rock Bottom

Starting off, equip the Spring Shoes and bounce up to the block above the Kandy machine, then re-equipping the Hydro Spatula. Jump on the hand balloon, then to the other block at the top of the balloon’s rise, finally hopping over to the right on the platform. Give the orange thing some burgers, then keep on right, re-equipping the spring shoes and bouncing over to the next ledge. Just go by the orange thing here, jumping up to the platform and riding it over, falling down to this ledge. Fall down to the next ledge, then get on the hand balloon, getting to the next platform, then riding the next hand balloon to the top, getting on this new ledge.

Avoid the orange thing here, jumping over to the next ledge, then falling down to the right, finally down the hole, which ends this level.

Dutch Under

Equip the Moon Man Catcher here, starting to head left. Fire nets at any ghost in your way, thought watch out for the birds, they being immune. So, just keep on heading left, watching the lava and ghost birds and getting rid of the ghosts with nets, going all the way until you get to a block that goes up. Watching out for the bird as you go up, jump to the closest ledge when you reach the top, netting the big ghost. Jump to the next ledge, getting another set of pants if you want or need them, then keeping on to the left, watching out for the bird. Get on this block that goes up, then on the first block that’s going left and right, jumping to the ledge with the chest on it, getting more pants if you want.

Get on the upper block going to the right, keeping on going to the right on all the blocks, being careful not to fall. Go all the way until you reach the ledge, catching the skinny ghost in a net, then catching a ride on the rock going up. Get on the ledge, then jumping up each, watching out for the birds, finally coming to the top and heading left. Keep on going left, bouncing from each platform and to each ledge, netting big and small pirates, getting the extra pants in a chest if you need to for the final fight is coming. Once you arrive to the end of the ledges, go into the ship and as far left as you can, encountering the dreaded Flying Dutchman.

This has got to be one of the most annoying ones out there. Equip your Hydro Spatula and throw a patty at him, him chewing up, then spitting out the burger. He has two attacks, though he vanishes both times. One, he summons two ghost birds which you can duck under the first and jump over the second. The other, he knocks rocks and things down, where you can just stand in the corner and avoid it. Feed him five-six times and the fight will be over. Head left, bouncing up to the top, and acquire your prize, the Golden Spatula! There is a cinema containing what happens after, SpongeBob becoming the best fry cook in Bikini Bottom and Mr. Krabs getting rich.