Le Spatula is branded like a futuristic spatula made for fancy restaurants and refuses to cook for anything else. It is used by SpongeBob in the episode "All That Glitters." 



  • Bipedalism
  • Emotions
  • Speech
  • Multiple flipping spatulas
  • Punching metal fist


On his way home from the Bikini Bottom Hospital, mourning Spat the spatula, who was being hospitalized, SpongeBob finds a fancy-looking spatula made of machinery. Still thinking Spat was the only spatula to flip patties, he ignores it but comes back thinking that he does need a replacement. Almost touching it, an employee, who works at the shop selling the metallic spatula, smacks SpongeBob's hand, telling him it is expensive. SpongeBob replies eagerly wanting to buy it but it costs all of his property until he sells his outfit. SpongeBob is naked when he walks back to work in front of public. Mr. Krabs goes to the kitchen to see what SpongeBob is doing and the latter is showing off the fancy tool. An impressed Mr. Krabs knows the new spatula will flip more patties and make more money, only to find out later that it is worthless, as it only cooks fancy food and runs away. SpongeBob goes back for his old spatula and apologizes for buying the Le Spatula.


  • It seems to be similar to the Hydro-dynamic Spatula from the episode "Help Wanted," in that it has multiple spatula heads built in.
  • This spatula is also similar to the Majestic Sizzlemaster from the episode "Evil Spatula," because of the voices in and the multiple spatula heads. They both have multiple heads and can even talk.
  • Le Spatula's blade is that of a grill spatula, so its refusal to cook Krabby Patties doesn't make sense. Its refusal could instead stem from its condescending attitude towards SpongeBob ("Friends with you? Ha ha! We are not even in the same social class!").
  • It is unknown what happened to Le Spatula after it ran away.
  • Le Spatula is not the grammatically correct wording of its name. Since in French nouns have genders, the French word from spatula (spatule), the correct way would be La Spatule.

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