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Le Schnook
Le Schnook
Interests: Cooking fancy foods
Occupation(s): Professional chef
Aliases: Schnook
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Dark purple
Eye color: Light yellow with black pupils
Classification: Fish
Employer: Eugene H. Krabs (temporarily)

Fancy! Chef

Enemies: Mr. Krabs
Squidward Tentacles
Series information
Appearance: "Le Big Switch"
Portrayer: Dee Bradley Baker
List of characters

Le Schnook is a character who appears in the episode "Le Big Switch."


Le Schnook is a short, dark purple fish. He mainly wears chef's clothes and a chef's toque (chef's hat), with gray shoes. He also has a unibrow.


Le Schnook is extremely rude, if not brutally honest. Once he arrives at the Krusty Krab, he finds Mr. Krabs and Squidward "disgusting," at least in terms of personality. Mr. Krabs uneasily describes Le Schnook as being just as affectionate as SpongeBob SquarePants. Squidward, on the other hand, takes a liking to the new chef for his "surly attitude."

Le Schnook wants all of his customers to be sophisticated and wants all of the merchandise to be fancy, such as the furniture and silverware. To him, "price can be no object" when it comes to preparing "exquisite" meals. As a professional chef, he suffers no nonsense.


Le Schnook is first seen after Mr. Krabs has SpongeBob take part in the Chef Exchange Program. SpongeBob works at Fancy! while Le Schnook works at the Krusty Krab. However, Le Schnook wants everything to be fancy and for Mr. Krabs to meet his every demand for the establishment. He even takes a bar of gold to decorate Rare Fruit of the Kazook Tree, since it is the only way to neutralize the naturally bad smell. He does not take kindly to Mr. Krabs' cheap tendencies, nor does he buy any of his excuses.

Eventually, at the end of the episode, Le Schnook nearly bankrupts Mr. Krabs by taking everything he has. Once his time in the Chef Exchange Program expires, he returns to Fancy!, but not before handing Mr. Krabs a long bill for his services. Fortunately, SpongeBob saves the day by bringing in all of the rich customers from Fancy! with Krabby Patties.


  • Le Schnook's name comes from the word "snook" which is a type of saltwater fish.
  • He has a unibrow like Squilliam Fancyson.

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