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Lazy Review

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Lazy Review
Lazy Review
Type: Magazine
First appearance: "Suction Cup Symphony"
Latest appearance: "The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom"

Lazy Review is a magazine that made its debut in the episode "Suction Cup Symphony." It was shown when Patrick reads it during his performance on stage with The Bikini Bottom Symphony Orchestra. It was then later seen again at a newsstand shown near the magazines Toxic Waste Monthly and Gossip in the episode "The Monster Who Came to Bikini Bottom." 


Lazy Review is a purplish-blue magazine with the words "Lazy Review" written in redish-orange inside a yellow square at the top. It also has an image of an orange fish sleeping (with four "Z's" written above him) in the middle of it.


  • Patrick must have learned how to read, as he was reading this magazine. Though, he may just be looking at the pictures inside it, or absent mindedly looking at it, without knowing.
  • Out of all the magazines shown in the series, this one has possibly the most appearances.

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