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Laser Pants
Producer: Sandy Cheeks
Owner: Patrick Star
Type: Pants/Gadget
Appearance: "Spy Buddies"
List of objects

The Laser Pants were a gadget invented by Sandy. They are very much like the Pants-A-Phone, as they are located in Patrick's pants.


The Laser Pants are a pair of pants Patrick wore in order to be a spy. They shoot laser out of them. They look like Patrick's normal pants, except with a ability with laser shooting out of them.

Role in the series

Their only appearance was in the episode "Spy Buddies." They are first seen when SpongeBob and Patrick are breaking into the Chum Bucket. Patrick uses the Laser to make a hole in the roof of the Chum Bucket. When SpongeBob and Patrick are forced to order from the restaurant, Patrick claims he has to go to the bathroom. It is revealed that if you have to go to the bathroom, it shoots many beams from the shorts.

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