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Lary the Snail
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Lary the Snail is a stray snail with a bad attitude that SpongeBob had brought home from the pound after Gary had chosen to live with Patrick.

He has only appeared in the episode "Dumped." Lary has very bushy black eyebrows that resemble Udon's eyebrow on his head. He hates sleeping on newspapers on the floor and would rather sleep on a bed. He hisses when he does not like something, or he doesn't get his way. In the video game Lights, Camera, Pants!, he is a pet belonging to the Sneaky Hermit.


  • He makes a cameo in Lights, Camera, Pants! as The Sneaky Hermit's pet snail.
  • In Gary's New Toy, when Gary hisses at the end, he looks like Larry.
  • His name is similar to the SpongeBob crew member Larry Leichliter, who was the animation director to the episode this episode is paired with and is also similar to Larry the Lobster's name.
  • He appears as the challenge tiki in SpongeBob's Truth or Square.
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