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Larry Luciano
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General Information
Occupation(s): Torch bearer for the snail races.
Aliases: Lightning
Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Antique Fuchsia with a dark Khiati Shell that has an Avocado Green Swirl and deep ruby dots and his under side is acid green.
Eye Color: Persian Orange
Series Information
First appearance: The Great Snail Race
Latest appearance: The Great Snail Race
List of characters

"Lightning" Larry Luciano was the first champion of Bikini Bottom's first annual snail race. Many describe him as a "Living Legend" and since he won the race, every year he has ignited the flame that starts the race. He is very old and at the snail race in the episode The Great Snail Race, he took several hours to make his way to light the flame. The Mayor of Bikini Bottom later lit it for him since he moved very slow.


  • He is name might be a reference to "Lucky" Luciano, a famous mafia crime boss.

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