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Larry Luciano

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Larry Luciano
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Occupation(s): Torch bearer for the snail races.
Aliases: Lightning
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Antique Fuchsia with a dark khaki shell that has an avocado green swirl and deep ruby dots and his under side is acid green
Eye color: Persian Orange
Classification: Sea Snail
Series information
First appearance: "The Great Snail Race"
Latest appearance: Bikini Bottom Chess
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"Lightning" Larry Luciano is a sea snail that mainly appears in the episode, "The Great Snail Race."


Larry Luciano is a very old snail that has white eyebrows and a white mustache. He is also antique fuchsia in color with a dark khaki shell that has an avocado green swirl and deep ruby dots. His under side is acid green. He can barely keep his eyelids open, most likely due to his age, but you can just see a dark orange eye color.


Larry Luciano was the first champion of Bikini Bottom's first annual snail race. Many describe him as a "Living Legend" and since he won the race, and every year he has ignited the flame that commences the race. He is very old and feeble. At the snail race, he crept extremely slow for 2 hours just trying to reach and light the flame which made the Mayor of Bikini Bottom later light it for him. Everyone remembers him for all time as they are very proud of this snail.


  • He is name might be a reference to "Lucky" Luciano, a famous mafia crime boss.
  • He reappears in Bikini Bottom Chess as the knight of Mermaid Man's team.
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  • His name could be a reference to Rocky Marciano, the only undefeated boxing champion in history

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