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Larry's Gym

Larry's Gym logo

Larry's Gym 01

Industry: Gym
Founder: Larry the Lobster
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Larry the Lobster (owner)
Appearance: "Larry's Gym"
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Larry's Gym is a fitness center that appears in the episode of the same name. It is managed and owned by Larry the Lobster.



The exterior of Larry's Gym is shown as a large blue building with a white roof. The most notable feature is the large weight design that extends from one end of the building to the next. There is also a large sign that says "Larry's" on it in front of a large anchor.


For the interior of Larry's Gym, the automatic doors lead right to the reception room where Larry does his paperwork. From here, one can head one direction to the exercise room where they can work out. There is also a steam room which only Mr. Krabs is seen using. The logo for Larry's Gym is shown with Larry the Lobster's face on it and the words "Larry's Gym" on the bottom.


During the events of the episode, Larry first opens his gym where he hoped the citizens of Bikini Bottom will join. He then offered the first visit to his gym free where Mr. Krabs fully took advantage of. SpongeBob arrived at the gym hoping to join as well especially since he couldn't even open the doors (though, Larry did tell SpongeBob they were automatic). Larry attempted to go through all of the membership forms but SpongeBob asked for help in working out. Larry then offered to personally train SpongeBob telling him to hydrate each time. Eventually, SpongeBob managed to get very muscular due to his workout while Larry grew weak and flabby due to doing lots of paperwork instead of working out. Both SpongeBob and Larry were unhappy at their new appearances, but when Larry hugged SpongeBob, water poured out of him reverting him back to normal. Larry pointed out that SpongeBob was just overhydrated and, after laughing and doing crunches, regained his muscles. SpongeBob leaves to go back to work at the Krusty Krab properly where Larry eventually finds a cooked-up Mr. Krabs who was in the steam room too long.

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