Lab Squidward[1] is a mutant version of Squidward created by SpongeBob and Patrick in the episode "Snooze You Lose."


The monster looks like a rather deformed Squidward with missing teeth and plus-shaped pupils. It also appears to be a bit overweight and seems to have a shriveled-up nose and a flabby head. Unlike Squidward, the monster does not have any clothes on and appears to be bigger than most life forms in Bikini Bottom.


  • The monster resembles and was created in a similar way to how Victor Frankenstein's monster was created in the book Frankenstein.
  • The monster is not voiced by Squidward's voice actor, Rodger Bumpass, but instead by Dee Bradley Baker.
  • Apparently, Lab Squidward can make better clarinet sounds than actual Squidward.


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