LEGO Squidward is one of the LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants minifigures. It was released in 2006.


LEGO Squidward is four centimeters tall and two centimeters wide. He is available as a minifigure, a keychain, or a magnet. He comes in the Adventures in Bikini Bottom (3827) and The Krusty Krab (3825) playsets. He seems to have only two legs as a LEGO minifigure, but the real Squidward actually has four legs. His head is the shape of the original LEGO figure's heads, but is the only SpongeBob minifigure to have that head shape.

LEGO Squidward was first sold in stores in 2006, the first year the SpongeBob LEGO toys were sold. He is made of three pieces: the head, body, and legs. Each one of his parts can come off. Squidward is happy in this version, but is not in the either of the newer versions.


LEGO Squidward is green in color and wears a tan shirt. He has white eyes and red pupils. He also has a big nose, a smiling mouth, green arms, gray hands, and green legs. He has holes on the back of his legs. He looks a bit different than the LEGO Squidward #2. The secondary models have a similar model, except they have three-dimensional noses. They are also frowning, unlike the original models.


  • It is not possible to add LEGOs on top of the new LEGO Squidward but it is possible to add them on top of the old LEGO Squidward.