The Krusty Krab grill is a grill located in the Krusty Krab kitchen that is used to cook Krabby Patty meat. It first appears in the episode "Help Wanted."


It is a grill located in the Krusty Krab kitchen behind the order window and in between a stool with an unidentified purpose and the deep fryer. It is gray in color and has a grayish dark-blue stove. Below it, there are several switches used to control the Fahrenheit degrees.

Role in series

The restaurant's fry cook, SpongeBob SquarePants, frequently uses this grill to cook the meat of Krabby Patties by flipping them with his spatula until their degrees reach their peak. Due to his obsessive attachment to his job, he finds it hard to adapt to the different nature of any other restaurants' grills, as seen in "Welcome to the Chum Bucket."

Instances of removal/replacement

The Krusty Krab grill has often been taken out of the kitchen when non-Krabby Patty items are introduced to the menu, much to SpongeBob's horror.


  • When taking SpongeBob's place for the time being in "Bummer Vacation," Patrick uses his body more often to cook the patties than the grill.
  • The heat of this grill has harmed the employees quite a few times.
    • In "Nature Pants," the grill catches on fire. A Fire Fish then comes and puts out the fire.
    • In "Big Pink Loser," to see if he's copying him, SpongeBob puts a fake hand that looks like his on the grill while Patrick does the same to his actual hand, causing the latter to burn his hand from elongated exposure to the grill.
    • In "Graveyard Shift," during the montage of SpongeBob praising the Krusty Krab's 24/7 hours of operation, he burns his hand from it.
    • In "Just One Bite," Squidward burns his face from the grill after a failed attempt to eat a Krabby Patty that SpongeBob made for him.
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