The Krusty Kid's Meal, also known as the Silly Meal, or simply the Kiddie Meal, is a parody of the McDonald's Happy Meal. Like the Happy Meal, it was themed as a result of a promotion. At one point, they even started giving out toys with the meals.


At one point, the Kids Meal was seen on the Galley Grub in the episode, "Krabby Land" for $1.99. Mr. Krabs changed the product to $4.99 since he knew that children have the freedom to use their money during the summer.

The meal was one time Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy themed. This first appears in the episode "Mermaid Man vs. SpongeBob." The meal included the Pipsqueak Patty, a juice drink, and a small pack of fries. Mr. Krabs made a commercial featuring the superheroes in order to promote their restaurant and products. Plankton witnessed the success that Mr. Krabs had from SpongeBob's idea, and when he got his own Kids Meal and pretends to beat up a picture of Mr. Krabs with the Mermaid Man action figure and Barnacle Boy pencil topper, he realizes that he could use them to put Mr. Krabs out of business as in how they raised his profits.

Later on, toys would be added to the Kids Meal in the episode "Yours, Mine and Mine" where Patrick demands a toy along with the Krabby Kiddie Patty that he was going to "share."

It was also on the Galley Grub in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.



  • In the episodes,"Krabby Land" and "Yours, Mine and Mine," the Krusty Kid's Meal was called a Kiddie Meal.
  • This product contains a pipsqueak Krabby Patty, Kelp Fries, and cold juice. While superhero-themed, it contained a Mermaid Man toy and/or a Barnacle Boy pencil.
  • Man Ray stated that no mortal could resist it. This could be an exaggeration.
  • It may be a parody/spoof of the McDonald's Happy Meal, although it could be a parody of other kids meals.
  • Karen should have gotten the beverage and food with the Kid's Meal unless Mr. Krabs did not want her to give away the patty.
  • In "Yours, Mine and Mine," the only item that was in the Kiddie Meal was the Krabby Kiddie Patty. The Krabby Kiddie Patty was a small Krabby Patty "thirty percent cuter" and costs a dollar more than a regular patty, adding up to three dollars in this episode.
  • Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy have been the only known superhero-themed toys in the Krusty Kid's Meal.
  • The meal also appears in SpongeBob's Truth or Square as a reward each time you collect it. The reward is an art gallery of SpongeBob.
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