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This article lists the members of the Krabs family.

Family tree

The following is a family tree of the Krabs family.

Prehistoric Krabs
Many Generations
King Krabs
Princess Pearl Krabs I
Mr. Krabs
Many Generations
Great Grandpappy Krabs
Sally Krabs
Redbeard Krabs
Possibly Mr. Krabs' Grandma
Possibly Mr. Krabs' Grandma
Victor Krabs
Betsy Krabs
Unknown Sister
Eugene H. Krabs
Mrs. Krabs
Mr. Krabs' Nephews
Pearl Krabs II


Pre-Modern Era

Prehistoric Krabs

Main article: Prehistoric Krabs

Patar with Prehistoric Krabs

Prehistoric Krabs are the prehistoric ancestors of the modern Krabs family. They were only seen briefly in the episode "Ugh" being squashed and eaten by SpongeGar. A bunch of crabs were running from Patar after he lift a rock and they say only "money" constantly.

King Krabs


King Krabs

King Krabs was a medieval monarch of Bikini Bottomshire sometime before the 12th century. He is an ancestor of the modern day Krabs family, including Eugene H. Krabs and Pearl Krabs. He has one known child; a daughter, Princess Pearl who resembles the modern day Pearl Krabs. He is enemies with Planktonimor, an ancestor of Sheldon J. Plankton. He appeared in the episode "Dunces and Dragons."

Princess Pearl Krabs I


Princess Pearl

Princess Pearl Krabs I is the daughter of King Krabs and the princess of Bikini Bottomshire during her father's reign. She appeared in the episode "Dunces and Dragons." She is voiced by Lori Alan, who also voices Pearl Krabs.
Western Ancestor

Western Krabs

Note: Her maiden name was the same as her married name.

Mr. Krabs

Main article: Mr. Krabs (Western)

Mr. Krabs is the owner of the Krusty Katina, the saloon of Dead Eye Gulch. He appeared in "Pest of the West."

Modern Era

Mrs. Betsy Krabs

Main article: Betsy Krabs
Enemy In-Law 06


Mrs. Betsy Krabs is Mr. Krabs and his unnamed sister's mother as well as Pearl and Mr. Krabs' nephews grandmother.

Mr. Krabs' Great Grandpappy

Mr. Krabs' Great Grandfather was once mentioned in "The Curse of the Hex" when he mentioned that there were no such things as curses. Mr. Krabs claims that Mr. Krabs' great grandfather invented a money security system in "Pest of the West."

Redbeard Krab

Main article: Grandpa Redbeard
Grandpappy Red Beard


Redbeard Krabs is Mr. Krabs' grandfather, and Mr. Victor Krabs' father, who is a pirate. He only appeared in the episodes "Grandpappy the Pirate" and "Lame and Fortune."

Mr. Victor Krabs

Mr. Victor Krabs is Mr. Krabs' father that is never seen, but was mentioned and in "My Pretty Seahorse" when Mr. Krabs was telling a story in which his dad gave him a one dollar bill, which he loved, when he was five. Due to his absence in flashbacks of Mr. Krabs' early life in "Friend or Foe" it is likely that he died soon after this event. He also appeared in an old photograph in Betsy's house. There is also a picture in Mr. Krabs office from "Gullible Pants" that could be him.

Sally Krabs

Sally Krabs is Mr Krabs' great aunt that is never seen, but was mentioned in "SpongeBob SquarePants vs. The Big One" when Mr. Krabs promises the Flying Dutchman that he won't spill his groceries again. He lied to the Dutchman telling him that Sally wore false teeth, but the Dutchman knew about her because he dated her in high school.

Eugene H. Krabs

Main article: Eugene H. Krabs


Eugene H. Krabs (born November 30, 1942) is SpongeBob and Squidward's boss, and a money-obsessed crab who is the owner and founder of The Krusty Krab. He is the son of Mr. Victor Krabs and Mrs. Betsy Krabs. He is very cheap and selfish and rarely spends any of his money.

He is a sibling of one of the unknown parents of his nephews.

Mrs. Krabs

Mrs. Krabs is Eugene H. Krabs' either deceased wife or ex-wife and also is an unseen character who is probably also a whale, like her daughter Pearl. In a book, Mr. Krabs says that Pearl "takes after her mother," which indicates that she is a whale. It is unknown whether she died or is divorced from Eugene.

Pearl Krabs

Main article: Pearl Krabs
Pearl Krabs


Pearl Krabs II is Mr. Krabs' teenage daughter who's a whale. She is like the average teenage girl, always chatting and gossiping with her friends and talking about things that are only of interest to young girls. She was revealed to be 16 years old in the episode, "Whale of a Birthday."

Three Nephews

Main article: Mr. Krabs' Nephews

Mr. Krabs' Nephews

Three Nephews of Mr. Krabs seen in the episode "Stanley S. SquarePants." This also shows that Mr. Krabs has a sister who is never seen. It has to be a girl because Redbeard Krabs said that Mr. Krabs was his only grandson. The nephews are the cousins of Pearl Krabs.

If they have the last name Krabs, their mother didn't change her last name.

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