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Krabby Quest is a SpongeBob SquarePants casual game, developed by Midnight Synergy. It's available for download at the Big Fish Games site.


Join SpongeBob and Patrick on their quest through Bikini Bottom and beyond, as they try to undo Plankton's nefarious plans. Avoid slimy tentacles and their gooey projectiles. Outsmart the local bullies. Discover the power of the mysterious jellyfish. Visit the beach (don't forget to bring your beachball!) or explore the depths of the Phosphor Caves. Sixty levels await you in five different worlds, each filled with new and exciting challenges.


Level 2, "Seaweed Shenanigans"


You must collect all Krabby Patties in every level to complete the game.


Here is the following of the enemies.

  • Bullies
  • Frogfish (purple: Patrick; yellow: SpongeBob)
  • Jellyfish (also mates by collecting Krabby Patties over trenches and bodies of water)
  • Tentacles that goes up and down
  • Tentacles that shoot fireballs

About the Enemies that haven't been explained

Bullies are blue, tough looking fish who has white lips and a white fin. Usually, they walk in a lower class way and they run towards you if they line up with you up-down or left-right. They say, "Rey!" to warn you that it is charging toward you. They are trying to say, "Hey!"


Here are the following of the obstacles.

  • Trenches
  • Bodies of water
  • Walls
  • Seaweed gates (a button must be pressed (square) or someone or something must be on it (round)
  • Currents (if you are going the opposite direction the current is moving)


The goal is to collect all Krabby Patties to finish each level. Bonus bubbles are optional and each bubble is 250 points.

If you run into an enemy

If the enemies get you, you die. Your character dies by flying up into the air.

Items that can be pushed

Here are the following of the items you can push

  • Wooden Boxes (can be pushed by SpongeBob or Patrick; mentioned in level 1)
  • Steel Boxes (can be only pushed by Patrick; mentioned in level 7)
  • Beachballs (can be only pushed by SpongeBob, Patrick would just pop it; mentioned in the level "Beach Toys")
  • Crystals (can be pushed by either SpongeBob or Patrick; mentioned in the level "Shattered")

About the pushable items

Wooden boxes float in water and it only takes one box. It can be destroyed by seaweed or either tentacle. It takes two to cross a trench.

Steel boxes sink in water. It takes two steel boxes to cross bodies of water or trenches. Only seaweed gates destroy them.

Beachballs are like wooden boxes except once it's pushed it keeps rolling until it hits an obstacle. Also, if one beachball hits another beachball the other beachball will start rolling and the moving beachball will stop. Only Patrick and seaweed gates can destroy them.

Crystals: They are like wood boxes but they can reflect a shooting tentacle's fireball in all four directions only once. Only seaweed gates and either tentacle will destroy them.

If any of these items hit either character, they will die and you have to start all over again.


The only controllers are only on the keyboard. Here are the following of the controllers.

  • Arrow keys (move around)
  • Shift+Arrow keys (explore around level)
  • S+Enter (skip level and uses a golden spatula)
  • Esc (four choices: restart level, select another level, exit game and resume.
  • Enter (Switch characters)


  • The game uses the same source code from Wonderland, Another game by Midnight Synergy.

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