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Krabby Land was a cheaply made playground built by Mr. Krabs that was seen in the episode "Krabby Land."


The playground has run-down, cheaply made attractions, such as a slide made of cardboard and a ball pit with bowling balls. The only known characters associated are Krabby the Clown and the Krabby Patty Burglar.

The rides are extremely unsafe. Before playing, kids must sign "coloring books", which in reality are just liability waivers, so that Mr. Krabs does not get sued.

The only reason Mr. Krabs even built the playground was to get money from kids on their summer vacation. Mr. Krabs' cheap idea ultimately ended up backfiring on him in the end.

Rides and attractions

Krabby Land was a park of horrible quality made out of used junk. Here is a list of rides that were seen at Krabby Land:

  • Fort Adventure: a pair of trash cans, a piece of wood, a tarp, a wooden sign with the fort's name written on it in white, a piece of pipe, and other parts used to make a fort.
  • Hose World: a couple of hoses hung up. One hose dripped water every second.
  • Toaster Rodeo: toasters without wires connected to springs.
  • Rocketship Fantastica: pieces of wood that made a swing hanger. A rope was attached to a piece of wood holding a tube that was supposed to be the rocket. The tube fell because it was large and very heavy for the rope.
  • Tire Swing: two pieces of wood that looked four feet tall that had a rope attached to one that held a tire. The tire was too high to get to.
  • Slide: a slide that broke easily when Tyler tried to ride it.
  • Pit of Doom
  • Kelp Ring Swing-O
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Mr. Krabs was dressed as the playground's original mascot, Krabby the Clown. He was simply dressed as himself, but he had a tomato painted blue on his nose, a polka-dot tie, and talked in a high voice. Krabby is a parody of Ronald McDonald.

SpongeBob ad-libbed himself as the Krabby Patty Burglar and put on a red mask. To stall the kids while Krabby the Clown "caught his bus," he did many crazy things - including running his tongue over with a truck, eating lima beans, and blowing shaped bubbles - to keep the children entertained, however, they just thought his tricks were stupid.


Opening of Krabby Land

Mr. Krabs builds and then opens Krabby Land under inspiration that kids would come towards the Krusty Krab to play on the playground, so that Mr. Krabs can then take advantage of the children there. It was initially shaped like a Disney-like castle under a large sheet while under construction.

Kids were initially excited about Krabby Land opening, until they actually saw that the seemingly spectacular playground wonderland is just a cheaply made playground.


When Mr. Krabs announces that Krabby the Clown will be coming to the Krusty Krab, everyone gets excited. Kids lose their excitement when Mr. Krabs puts on a blue tomato nose and green and yellow polka-dotted tie and claims to be Krabby the Clown, only to encourage the kids to buy Krabby Patties. This causes Mr. Krabs to get beaten up by the children and later forced to eat a truck full of lima beans as punishment.

It is unknown what happened to Krabby Land, as it is not seen again in any other episode. It was most likely condemned and torn down sometime after the episode.


  • The episode it appeared in may have been a reference to McDonald's (a worldwide chain of fast-food restaurants with playgrounds) and possibly its advertising campaign, McDonaldland. Krabby the Clown and the Krabby Patty Burglar are likely based on its McDonaldland Mascots, Ronald McDonald, and the Hamburglar, respectively.
  • Krabby Land Park opened on June 22, one day after the first day of summer.
  • In "The Wreck of the Mauna Loa," Mr. Krabs would later build another unsafe ride, which also causes many people to be injured.
  • In "The Incredible Shrinking Sponge" there is a playground with a similar name labeled, "Krabby Play Land." It is located within the Krusty Krab, unlike Krabby Land, which was located outside it.
  • In "Drive Happy", SpongeBob build a kiddie ride out of Coupe for Patrick. However, unlike Krabby Land and the Mauna Loa Amusement Park Ride, it wasn't cheap.