Krabby Gary is the fourth comic of SpongeBob Comics #3.



SpongeBob leaves his house, singing. Gary watches SpongeBob leave. When SpongeBob gets to work, he says "A perfect start to another perfect day..." He is then interrupted by Gary meowing. SpongeBob says that Gary has to go home because it is against regulation to have a pet in the kitchen. Gary purrs for SpongeBob and SpongeBob allows him to stay with him because he knows how lonely Gary gets.

In the kitchen, SpongeBob puts Gary in his hat and says that as long as Gary stays put, no one will suspect a thing. Squidward then says, through the order window, that there is something wrong with SpongeBob's hat. Soon, Gary has a bun on top and a bun below him, both of which are held together by a string. SpongeBob tells Gary that if anyone asks, Gary is an experimental Krabby Patty that SpongeBob is developing. Mr. Krabs walks up behind SpongeBob and yells "SpongeBob!!!," which makes SpongeBob jump. He lands on the kitchen side of the chimney. Mr. Krabs notices that SpongeBob is jumpy and wonders why that is. SpongeBob says that there is nothing wrong.

After Mr. Krabs leaves, SpongeBob says that it was a close one and that Gary needs to keep quiet. Gary starts meowing urgently. SpongeBob says that he told Gary to be quiet and then asks what he wants. SpongeBob then notices that there is smoke coming from Krabby Patties on the grill. SpongeBob thanks Gary for telling him. SpongeBob grabs a fire extinguisher and starts to extinguish the fire. Squidward asks if he heard meowing in the kitchen and SpongeBob replies by saying that it was just him singing for his music lessons. He starts singing in "meows." He then asks Squidward if he knows what singing lessons are. Squidward replies by saying "For you, a waste of money."

Soon, Gary starts meowing again, and SpongeBob asks what it is now. Gary goes to the backdoor scratching at it and SpongeBob understands that Gary needs a "potty break." Outside, SpongeBob tells Gary to hurry. Mr. Krabs walks up behind SpongeBob and yells "SpongeBob!!!," which makes SpongeBob jump once again. He lands in the trash bin and Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to get back to work. He notices that it smells worse than usual outside.

Later, SpongeBob and Gary are in the kitchen. Gary is wearing an apron and a Krusty Krab hat. Mr. Krabs walks in, yelling "SpongeBob!!!" SpongeBob says "Yes, favorite boss O' mine?" Mr. Krabs is disappointed that SpongeBob did not jump. Mr. Krabs notices Gary and SpongeBob say that it is their new unpaid intern, Garibaldi. Mr. Krabs likes the idea of an unpaid intern. Squidward tells Mr. Krabs that the health inspector is there and Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to come with him.

In the dining area, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob greet the health inspector. He tells the two that he will start with the bathroom. He notices that, other than a few crumbs on the floor, it is perfectly clean. Mr. Krabs commands SpongeBob to clean the bathroom and SpongeBob obliges. Mr. Krabs and the health inspector leave the bathroom and Mr. Krabs says that the health inspector must see much worse things than a few crumbs on the floor. The health inspector says that he does and says that one place had a pet in the kitchen. Mr. Krabs starts to laugh. SpongeBob starts to laugh nervously. The health inspector soon says that he is getting hungry. Mr. Krabs suggests a Krabby Patty and SpongeBob says that he'll make it. However, Mr. Krabs tells SpongeBob to continue to clean the bathroom. He adds that Garibaldi can do it. Squidward gives Garibaldi the order.

SpongeBob quietly says that Gary can do it. Later, both Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob become nervous, while Squidward is reading a magazine. Later, Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob get even more nervous. Squidward is playing his clarinet, while the health inspector knits. An uncomfortably long period of time later, Squidward is sleeping in a hammock while Mr. Krabs and SpongeBob are so nervous, they are sweating. The health inspector asks if there is something wrong with the fry cook. Mr. Krabs says that there is nothing wrong and that he will check to see what is taking so long. SpongeBob jumps to the legs of the health inspector and is about to tell his secret when Squidward interrupts him saying "Order up!"

The health inspector eats the patty and says that it is the best sandwich he has ever eaten. Mr. Krabs sighs with relief and SpongeBob jumps in happiness. Back in the kitchen, Mr. Krabs says now that the health inspector situation is over, the only thing that SpongeBob needs to worry about is getting replaced by an unpaid intern. Lastly, SpongeBob is confused.

Shower In A Can!
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  • When SpongeBob takes Gary out for a "potty break," the number of trash bags in the bin are inconsistent throughout the frames.
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