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Krab's Astro Lab
Mr.Krab's Astro Lab
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Episode based on: "Overbooked"
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Krab's Astro Lab is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on the episode "Overbooked."


Mr. Krabs is staying up very late at night to see a comet. Help put together the telescope so he can see the comet. Drags the pieces to the correct area with your mouse.  Hold and press spacebar if you need to rotate the pieces in the correct angle. Hurry up, or else you'll miss the comet!


  • Patrick can be seen in comet on the "You Lose" screen.
  • The idea of the telescope building comes from the "Overbooked" episode.


  • It should be called "Krabs' Astrolab because his last name is "Krabs," not "Krab."

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