The Knockout Ray is one of Sandy's inventions. The gadget only appears in the episode "Spy Buddies." The gun is used to put people to sleep as demonstrated on SpongeBob and Patrick by Sandy.


The Knockout Ray resembles a light blue small ray gun. It is small, and looks lightweight. There is a small green circle latching onto the muzzle of the knockout ray, where the blast originates. The handle of the knockout ray gun is light blue, with red on the upper part. Along with screws scattered across the ray gun, there is a red triangle on the top.

Role in episode

Sandy tells SpongeBob and Patrick that it is her personal favorite out of her various spy-related inventions. Sandy shows a demonstration on both SpongeBob and Patrick. After Sandy laughs and doesn't let them take the gadgets, Patrick uses the Knockout Ray to knock Sandy unconscious, allowing them to steal Sandy's spy gear.

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