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Kitchen Encounter

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Online game
Kitchen Encounter
Kitchen Encounter title screen
General Information
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Kitchen Encounter is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game.


In this game, SpongeBob flips patties (along with other things). For each level, the player must count how many patties appear on the game. After the patties are shown, a calulator will appear and the player must input the correct number of patties. A correct answer will take the player to the next level, and a wrong answer will result in a game over. The player must ignore distractions such as other objects (like boots, eggs, etc.), as well as Squidward getting hit by both the Krabby Patties and the other objects.


Playable characters

Non-playable characters


SBkitchenencounter testprint

The unused "TEST PRINT" image.

  • In the data for the game, there is an odd image of Squidward with the text "TEST PRINT" next to it. It is out of bounds and needs to have the flash data either decompiled or have the game's view shifted to where it normally could not be seen.[1]
  • The things that SpongeBob flips are:


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