King Krabs


Bikini Bottom Brawlers King Krabs you lose

Interests: Money
Sending people to the guillotine
Occupation(s): King of Bikini Bottomshire
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Crimson red
Eye color: Light green with black pupils
Classification: Crab
Children: Princess Pearl
Grandchildren: Mr. Krabs
Ancestors: Prehistoric Krabs
Descendants: Eugene H. Krabs
Pearl Krabs
Redbeard Krabs
Victor Krabs
3 Unnamed Descendants
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants
Patrick Star
Employees: Squidley
Dark Knight
Enemies: Planktonamor
Dragon Jellyfish (former)
Series information
First appearance: "Dunces and Dragons"
Latest appearance: Bikini Bottom Brawlers
Portrayer: Clancy Brown
List of characters

King Krabs was a medieval monarch of Bikini Bottomshire sometime before the 12th century and the medieval ancestor of Mr. Krabs.


He looks the same as Mr. Krabs. He wears a light blue shirt and purple-blue shorts, and king clothing and a crown. In Bikini Bottom Brawlers, he wears gold colored gloves for his claws.


He is an ancestor of the modern day Krabs family, which includes Eugene H. Krabs and Pearl Krabs. He has one known child: a daughter, Princess Pearl, who resembles the modern day Pearl Krabs. He is enemies with Planktonamor, an ancestor of Sheldon J. Plankton. He appeared in the episode "Dunces and Dragons" where he was the king of Bikini Bottomshire.

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