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King Amoeba

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King Amoeba
King Amoeba
Occupation(s): King
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Green
Classification: Amoeba
Spouse: Queen Mildew (Wife)
Children: Princess Tulsa (Daughter)
Prince Callous (Son)
Grandchildren: Maw Tucket (Granddaughter)
Carl (Grandson)
Herb Star (Great Grandson)
Sluggo (Great Grandson)
Patrick Star (Great Great Grandson)
Gary the Snail (Great Great Grandson)
Descendants: Patron
Series information
Appearance: "Rule of Dumb"
List of characters

King Amoeba on the map

King Amoeba is the husband of Queen Mildew and father of Princess Tulsa and Prince Callous. He is Patrick and Gary's great-great grandfather. He is also Maw Tucket and Carl's grandfather. He appeared in the episode "Rule of Dumb" on a family tree. He reigned as a monarch at some point, although the region is unspecified. He was a part of Gary and Patrick's family.


  • His species is an Amoeba, which makes Patrick and Gary at least 1/16 Amoeba because he is an ancestor of the Star family. 

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