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King Amoeba on the map

King Amoeba is the husband of Queen Mildew and father of Princess Tulsa and Prince Callous. He is Patrick and Gary's great-great grandfather. He is also Maw Tucket and Carl's grandfather. He appeared in the episode "Rule of Dumb" on a family tree map. He reigned as a monarch at some point, although the region is unspecified. He is a part of Gary and Patrick's family.


He wears a gold crown. His inner half of his body is dark green, whilst the outer part is light green, and he has olive-green eyes with red pupils.


He only appears in "Rule of Dumb" illustrated on a family tree and never appeared in the rest of the series.

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  • His species is an Amoeba, which makes Patrick and Gary at least 1/16 Amoeba because he is an ancestor of the Star family. 
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