Kenny the Cat Sports Stadium is a sports stadium that only appears in the episode "Kenny the Cat."



Only the outside of the stadium is shown. The building has blue metal walls, with a large front entrance. Above the front entrance, there is a large painting of Kenny the Cat. To the left of the entrance, there is a green sign, and another sign that reads "Kenny." To the right of the entrance is another sign that features Kenny the Cat giving the okay sign with his hands. There are windows above the signs, and there are shells on top of the stadium. There are also headlights that are designed as shells.

Role in the Series

When SpongeBob is describing to Mr. Krabs how big Kenny the Cat is across Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob shows him the Kenny the Cat blimp that was flying over the Kenny the Cat Stadium.


Not much is know about its history. It is likely either named, or owned by Kenny the Cat.

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