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Type: Food
First appearance: "Shanghaied"
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Kelpo is a cereal that SpongeBob eats in the beginning of the episode "Shanghaied." It appears frequently in the SpongeBob SquarePants. The brand's most prominent featuring was in "Waiting," when SpongeBob needed to collect 99 box tops from Kelpo boxes to obtain a free toy in the mail. It is most likely a parody of Cheerios.


Kelpo is packaged in a small, yellow box. There is also an image of a piece of kelp with a face, named Kelpy. The word "Kelpo" is also written at the top in blue and in all caps and also says with one of 8 essential prizes inside!


  • This might be SpongeBob's favorite breakfast food.
  • It can possibly be related or made up of kelp, hence the name.
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