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Kelp Jerky

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Kelp Jerky
Spongebob Kelp Jerky
Type: Food
First appearance: "Porous Pockets"
Latest appearance: "Sun Bleached"
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Kelp Jerky is a snack which is seen in a few different episodes.


Kelp Jerky comes in a small, yellow bag with a window to display the Kelp Jerky. The letters "KELP JERKY" are written at the top of the bag in red-orange.


Kelp Jerky is the result of burning and curing kelp. It appears in the episode, "Porous Pockets," when Patrick finishes a bag and then says, "I'm gonna go get something to eat." It also appears in the episode, "Sun Bleached," when SpongeBob is trying to get a tan, and Patrick puts them in as teeth.


  • Kelp Jerky is a spoof of beef jerky.

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