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Kelp Fries (sometimes known as Krusty Fries or Sea Fries) are a common side dish served at the Krusty Krab. Kelp fries have had different appearences over the years.


Kelp Fries first appeared in the episode "Greasy Buffoons." Later in "Kracked Krabs," SpongeBob was seen making the fries (though using potatoes instead of kelp).

In the episode "Shellback Shenanigans," SpongeBob brought home a bag of kelp fries for Gary to eat when the Krusty Krab ran out of Krabby Patties. In the episode "Whelk Attack," Mr. Krabs offers kelp fries to the giant whelks, but they swallowed Mr. Krabs instead making him shout, "I'm not on the MENU!"


Kelp Fries

Kelp Fries in "Kracked Krabs"

  • In "Kracked Krabs," Squidward referred to the food as "sea fries," indicating that they might have actually been different fries (which explains why SpongeBob used potatoes to make them instead of kelp.) Then again, they might not be made of actual kelp. It could possibly just be a name.
  • Kelp Fries are a parody of French Fries.
  • Kelp Fries can be in different varieties.
  • Often, Kelp Fries are not on the Krusty Krab menu.
  • The episode "Imitation Krabs" may have featured Kelp Fries since Mr. Krabs was served with fries when he was considered the "fake" Mr. Krabs. However, this is unknown.
  • On some episodes, the quantity of Kelp Fries varies. An example of that is the episode Greasy Buffons that the fries are 7 (or 8) in quantity while the episode Kracked Krabs have approximately 40+ Fries on the platter (or something...).
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