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Kelp Milk
Kelp Milk in the fridge, at the left, with the bread.
Type: Drink
Appearance: "Procrastination"
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Kelp Milk is a brand of milk that is sold in Bikini Bottom. If you look closely in SpongeBob's fridge in the episode "Procrastination", you can see it behind the loaf of bread titled "Aqua Bread." It is possible that it could also be a type of Kelp Cream.


Kelp Milk appears to be in a small carton of milk that is white/pink, and red in color. The text is written in red. On the side of the carton is a picture of what looks like kelp.


  • Kelp-Milk is the second type of milk shown in the series. The first is Snail Milk. However, Kelp-Milk isn't showed as often as Snail Milk.
  • Kelp-Milk is also sold at Barg'N-Mart.
  • It is probably based on soy milk.

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