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Kelp Milk
Kelp Milk in the fridge, at the left, behind the loaf of bread titled "Aqua Bread."
Type: Drink
Appearance: "Procrastination"
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Kelp Milk is a brand of milk that is sold in Bikini Bottom. It only appears in the episode "Procrastination."


Kelp Milk appears to be in a small carton of milk that is white/pink. The text is written in red. On the side of the carton is a picture of what looks like kelp.


  • Kelp-Milk is the second type of milk shown in the series. The first is Snail Milk. However, Kelp-Milk isn't showed as often as Snail Milk.
  • Kelp-Milk is also sold at Barg'N-Mart.
  • It is probably based on soy milk.
  • It is possible that it could also be a type of Kelp Cream.

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