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Keep Away From Krabs is a SpongeBob SquarePants comic book.


Mr. Krabs wins the Mayor for a Day contest, and SpongeBob and Patrick are his bodyguards. Mr. Krabs does not want anyone near him. A reporter comes, but the two do not allow him to go to Krabs. Squidward goes to pick up his weekly paycheck, but they do not allow him, either. Pearl comes with Mr. Krabs' lunch, a giant steak, but Patrick eats it, so Pearl runs away crying. Mr. Krabs smells food, and Patrick is right by him. SpongeBob is aware that he is too close to Mr. Krabs. He is also aware the bubbles, the floor, and the sea is too close to him. So SpongeBob puts him in a plastic bubble, although Mr. Krabs is unable to breathe.

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