Karen is the alternate universe version of Karen Plankton from the Bikini Bottom 2 universe. She only appears in the comic of the same name.


She looks identical to the mobile version of Karen Plankton.


Unlike her main universe counterpart, she is much more evil. This is indicated by her theiving nature and the fact that she insults creatures she does not like.


After SpongeBob arrives at the Cookie Bucket, Plankton tells SpongeBob that he is on the roof because he is watching for the cookie thief. Karen appears with the formula. She runs away and Plankton chases after her.

Soon, Patrick Man and Super SpongeBob SquarePants appears to stop Karen. They give Plankton his formula back and when SpongeBob gets the attention of the superheroes, Patrick Man puts Karen down and she runs away. Plankton points this out.


It is unknown her origins. She may have been invented by Sheldon, but this is unlikely since she does not refer to him as his name.

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