This is the page about Karen's Mother-in-law. If you were looking for the article about Karen's actual mother-in-law, then see Mama Plankton.
This is the page about Karen's Mother-in-law. If you were looking for the article about Karen's mother, then see E.M.I.L.P..
Stay away from the vehicle.
— Plankton quoting Karen's Mother-in-law, Original story for Spy Buddies
Karen's Mother-in-law
Occupation(s): Car Alarm
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Classification: Car Alarm
Other relatives: Karen Plankton (daughter-in-law)
Enemies: Sheldon J. Plankton
Series information
Appearance: Audio commentary for "Spy Buddies" (mentioned)
List of characters

Karen's Mother-in-law[1] is a character who was originally going to be mentioned in the episode "Spy Buddies."[1]


She was going to be a car alarm.

Sleepy Time 052
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The fact in the section below was mentioned in the audio commentary for "Spy Buddies."

Creation and development

Originally, in "Spy Buddies," instead of Plankton finding SpongeBob and Patrick when they fall into the Chum Bucket, SpongeBob and Patrick were going to find a domestic dispute between Plankton and Karen, which featured Plankton not wanting to go to Karen's Mother-in-law's house because she was going to be a car alarm that was going have only said, "Stay away from the vehicle."[1] It should be noted that "Karen's Mother-in-law" may have been a mistake and that the commentator was referring to Karen's Mother, whom would later become, "E.M.I.L.P." However, this has not been confirmed.


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