Karate gear is a type of protective equipment used by SpongeBob and Sandy in episodes that feature the sport of karate. It consists of two items: a horizontal helmet that is only for SpongeBob (and once Patrick) and big gloves. Its first appearance was in "Karate Choppers."


SpongeBob's gear

SpongeBob's karate gear is red in color. His gear helmet has a ladybug design on the left-side hole, as seen in "I'm with Stupid," and his gloves are quite big.

Sandy's gear

Sandy's karate gear is usually green in color. However, in the episode "Waiting," she wears red gear, and in the episode "Sandy's Nutmare," she has pink karate gear. She doesn't wear a helmet, as she has her air helmet. Much like SpongeBob's gloves, hers are also big.

Patrick's gear

Patrick's karate gear is just like SpongeBob's, except it is blue in color instead of red, and his helmet is a little smaller. His gear is only seen in "Karate Star."

SpongeBot's gear

SpongeBot SteelPants' karate gear is just like SpongeBob's, except it is bigger and made out of metal. It is seen in the console version of Battle for Bikini Bottom.