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This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants amusement ride "Jimmy Neutron's Nicktoon Blast," which was released on April 11, 2003.

  • Jimmy Neutron: As with the countdown. We gotta blast.
  • Goddard: Bark! Bark!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Come on, Goddard!
  • Carl: Woaaw! Man, I'm glad I'm not in that thing.
  • Jimmy Neutron: Okay everybody, hang on!
  • Carl: I'm way ahead of you Jim. Woah!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Look out for the Slime Power!
  • Ooblar: Look out, earthlings! I'm an egg on a mission!
  • Ooblar: Nice catch!
  • Helga: Hey Arnold!
  • Carl: Go Jim. Go Jim. Go Jimmy!
  • Ooblar: I guess now it's past-human! Ha ha!
  • Carl: Jimmy! Rugrat! Hold her up!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Goddard! Robo Claw!
  • Angelica Pickles: AAAHH!!! What's the big idea?! Woah! What are you diaper guys looking to me?!?!
  • Carl: That was close.
  • Jimmy Neutron: This is gonna be closing!!!
  • Carl: AAAHH!!! FAIRIES!!!
  • Jimmy Neutron: Cosmo, Wanda. You gotta help us!
  • Cosmo: Elvis? You got it!
  • Elvis: Hey! Thank you very much. Good to be here.
  • Carl: Ooh! My aching head!
  • Cosmo: Bacon head? Okay!
  • Carl: Aaahh!
  • Elvis: OOOHH!!! Bacon!