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Jim (left) and Purple Wrestler (right)
General Information
Address: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Occupation(s): Wrestler


Awards: The Wrestling Championship (Former)
Physical Appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Green
Eye Color: Black
Friends: Purple Wrestler

Colonel Carper

Enemies: SpongeBob

Patrick Mr. Krabs Squidward Reg Other Wrestlers

Series Information
First appearance: MuscleBob BuffPants
Latest appearance: Hello Bikini Bottom!
List of characters

James "Jim" is a green fish that appeared in the episode, Krusty Krushers, at the wrestling match. He also plays a somewhat big role in Hello Bikini Bottom as one of Colonel Carper's roadies.


Jim is a green strong fish. He has a purple headband. He has a white wrestle t-shirt. He is not the same as Jim, the fry cook. He was at the wrestling match with the Purple Wrestler.


Krusty Krushers

Jim makes his biggest appearance to date in this episode. He teams up with the Purple Wrestler to defeat anyone that has come in their way. However, Jim and his partner were defeated by SpongeBob and Patrick when Jim and the Purple Wrestler used their Tag Team finisher right onto Patrick's iron butts. He and the Purple Wrestler crumble up finally being defeated for the first time.

Hello Bikini Bottom

Jim returns with the Purple Wrestler in this episode. Most likely retired from being wrestlers, Jim and the Purple Wrestler work now as Colonel Carper's roadies doing everything he said. They help him take back is sound equipment from Mr. Krabs and even shake the money off of Mr. Krabs into Carper's pants. They weren't seen again after that.



  • Even though he appears in four episodes, Jim actually only has a few lines from Krusty Krushers saying "Uh oh" before diving onto Patrick's iron butts.
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