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Jellyfishers Club
Spongebob's Jellyfishing License
Known Members: SpongeBob SquarePants
Appearance: "Doing Time"

The Jellyfishers Club is a club that SpongeBob is a member of.



Not much is known about the Jellyfishers Club. Presumably, members of the club either discuss the actual sport of Jellyfishing or examine jellyfish in their natural territory.


It is thought that you must pay to be a member of the club, and once you do, you receive a membership card.

Card Appearance

Each card features a photo of the member wearing a jellyfish hat, a title quoting "Jellyfishers Club Member," and the signature of the member.


When SpongeBob tried to rob a bank to bust Mrs. Puff out of jail in the episode "Doing Time," he brought out his membership card to try to bring out money from his bank account, but the Bank Teller told him he had $0.00 for both of his accounts.

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