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"Nifty Nets" State of the Art Nets

Jellyfish Nets are items that are like butterfly-nets, but they are primarily used to catch Jellyfish. They are usually about the size of the holder's arm. They are usually made of bamboo, but there are exceptions. They can be made out of metal ("Best Day Ever") and ("The Pink Purloiner") or composite materials ("I'm Your Biggest Fanatic").

Types Of Jellyfish Nets

  • The Deluxe Jellyfish Slayer Composite Pro (From "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic")
  • Average Bamboo Net
  • Composite Matierial Nets
  • Primitive Net ("SB-129")
  • State of the Art Nets (Nifty Nets)
  • Ol' Reliable (SpongeBob's signature net until he gave it to Patrick)
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