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Jellyfish Jelly

Jar of Jellyfish Jelly

​Not to be confused with the episode Jellyfish Jam.

Jellyfish Jelly is jelly produced by Jellyfish. SpongeBob will occasionally collect some, but only a jar full. In the episode Jellyfish Hunter, SpongeBob gave Fred a sample, and it was so good that he broke into a song and he gave a sample to everyone else leading to the success of the Jelly Patty until Mr. Krabs went too far and SpongeBob and No Name stopped him. In the video game SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger, you can collect jellyfish jelly from jellyfish and then later use it for health/energy.


Jellyfish Jelly tastes very good, and it proved successful. Not only is it good but it makes anything it's on taste good as well.


  • Jellyfish Jelly will vary in color, depending on the color of the jellyfish. No Name produces blue jelly.
  • In the video game Employee of the Month, Jellyfish Jelly was seen in Barg'n-Mart
  • There has only been one item with blue Jellyfish Jelly and that was a Jelly Patty.

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