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Jellyfish are gelatinous, free-swimming creatures common throughout all oceans of the world. They can have any number of spots and appear in hives much like bees. They make jelly, in a similar manner to bees making honey.


A Common Jellyfish


In the series, jellyfish are featured very prominently. Jellyfish Fields, a major location in the SpongeBob SquarePants universe, is home to over 10 million jellyfish, according to what has been seen in "Jellyfish Hunter." The hunting and catching of jellyfish, known as Jellyfishing, is a popular hobby among sea folk, most notably SpongeBob and Patrick. It is similar to butterfly catching and is typically done only for fun/sport, with the jellyfish being released unharmed. Jellyfish appear in almost all SpongeBob video games, typically as basic enemies or background add-ons. They are usually caught using Jellyfish Nets or jars. They sometimes spook the Bikini Bottomites, but never try to hurt them, unless in self-defense.

Jellyfish live in Jellyfish Fields; they allow themselves to be caught (jellyfishing) by SpongeBob and Patrick while other times they sting them, which is a running gag. They are in tune with nature and have great rhythm. They are often displayed having typical sentience of wild animals though some have shown specialized knowledge including the ability to open windows, operate electronic music equipment, and imitate walking on the ground. Most jellyfish tend to float whimsically and aimlessly, but they can move incredibly fast and controlled, especially as a swarm. At least 10 Jellyfish collectively can carry SpongeBob into the sky. They are a constant presence in Bikini Bottom. They also allow SpongeBob to squirt out Jellyfish Jelly, which is especially tasty. While most others dare not to trespass in Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob loves them all. Likewise, most jellyfish see SpongeBob as an ally as they comforted him when his dreams of flying were crushed and later calling on his aid to stop the construction of a highway that would have gone through Jellyfish Fields.

Jellyfish in SpongeBob SquarePants are portrayed in a stereotypically cartoonish manner, and are typically pink in color. In the same manner as snails are likened to cats and worms are likened to dogs, jellyfish display many qualities of bees. They produce edible jelly in the same manner bees produce honey which can be extracted from their stingers through various methods, most commonly by milking or even making them sneeze. Jellyfish can also squirt their own jelly at will, usually to annoy or insult their target. Excessive loss of jelly causes them to lose their form, thus only a small quantity of jelly is taken at a time. A quart sized jar of jelly seems to be the safest amount of jelly taken from a single jellyfish without causing them harm. The color of the jellyfish also reflects the color of jelly that they will produce, though the exact flavor has never been stated. Nevertheless, Jellyfish jelly is extremely delicious.

Jellyfish have potent stingers which can cause small painful sores when threatened, hurt, or annoyed, usually through direct contact of their stingers or sometimes short range static zaps. Enough stings in a small window of time can be mildly discomforting or even life threatening. However, SpongeBob has been shown grabbing their stingers without any hand protection and walking away without any stings. An ointment has been developed to alleviate jellyfish stings and is incredibly fast acting. They also make a buzzing sound just like bees and are very small compared to main characters, approximately the size of a Krabby Patty, though the sizes are inconsistent at times. Since Bikini Bottomites are stated to be only smaller than a human’s foot shown in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, this would make jellyfish almost microscopic.


  • Pink Jellyfish - The most common jellyfish. Usually has 3 or 8 spots depending on its size.
  • Blue Jellyfish - a very rare kind of jellyfish. In "Revenge of the Flying Dutchman," a blue jellyfish moves in a circle. In "Battle for Bikini Bottom," they have 2 health points rather than 1. On the show, one appears in the episode "Jellyfish Hunter" and is called "No-Name" by SpongeBob until the end, where it is renamed "Friend." It also told SpongeBob to "bring it on" earlier in the episode, marking the first time a jellyfish has spoken.
  • Blue Crested Blaster - a very rare type of jellyfish that has a rooster like crest.
  • Speckled Squirter - a seven tentacle purple jellyfish that squirts jelly from its main body, rather than its tentacles.
  • Two Fisted Jumper - an orange jellyfish with three tentacles and two fists used from jumping on the ground.
  • Gold Throated Singer - a singing gold jellyfish with four small tentacles and one larger arrowhead tentacle.
  • Glowing Three spot - a glowing pink jellyfish with three spots. They are a rare breed.
  • Five-Spotted Jellyfish - A rare breed of jellyfish, caught by Patrick Star.
  • Four Stingers - a jellyfish with no spots that appeared in "Tea at the Treedome," and the title card for "You Don't Know Sponge."
  • Albino Jellyfish  - a extremely rare jellyfish only mentioned by SpongeBob in "Secret Box".
  • Doodle Jellyfish - - a jellyfish illustrated by SpongeBob which is seen in "Frankendoodle."
  • SpongeBob Jellyfish - a SpongeBob version of a jellyfish. Seen in "Nature Pants."
  • Jellions - an alien/jellyfish created by the Evil Alien Jellyfish Overlord. They only appear in "Planet of the Jellyfish." They have the ability to eat people and create Clones in their place. They also have big, black eyes. Unlike regular jellyfish, they cannot sting.

Individual Jellyfish

  • King Jellyfish - The king of all jellyfish. He wears a royal crown and cape. It is attracted to queen jellyfish and very much enjoys pie as well. Its binomial genomic title is Cnidaria rex. It appears in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic." King Jellyfish is a boss in the video game "Battle for Bikini Bottom" and "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Yellow Avenger."
  • No name/Friend - A mysterious blue jellyfish that appears in "Jellyfish Hunter". Named so because he was the only jellyfish in Jellyfish Fields who SpongeBob has never been able to catch and give a name to. He later helps SpongeBob stop Mr. Krabs, and is renamed "Friend".
  • Big Lenny - An enormous and dangerous jellyfish whose stings are almost always fatal. The only person known to have survived one is named Doctor Manowar, who has a gigantic swelling on the side of his head as a result. This swelling only hurts when someone touches it. Big Lenny could be a Man O War or a box jellyfish as their stings are known to kill people. Big Lenny is seen in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic" as a picture and in the PC game "Operation Krabby Patty" during the jellyfishing game.
  • Jeffrey the Jellyfish - A mascot of the bi-annual jellyfishing convention, seen in "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic." A man in a Jeffrey costume is captured by Patrick, who idolizes the character.
  • Dragon Jellyfish - A giant "dragon" controlled by Planktonamor that terrorizes the people of medieval Bikini Bottom.
  • Jamming Jellyfish- A jellyfish that SpongeBob brings home as a pet in "Jellyfish Jam." SpongeBob and the jellyfish have a disco party. It then invites hundreds of other jellyfish to SpongeBob's house, which they invade and throw a massive dance party in.
  • Queen Jellyfish - a quite massive jellyfish that made her debut in the episode "Jellyfishing." She made her second appearance in the episode "I'm Your Biggest Fanatic," but it was just a robot controlled by Kevin and the Jelly Spotters. Her most recent appearance was in the SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis as an enemy that Plankton has controlled.

Non-Canon Jellyfish

  • Great White Jellyfish - A giant white jellyfish that appeared in "Revenge of the Flying Dutchman." It has a flat top that people can ride on. SpongeBob would have to stay on top of it in order to get a letter.
  • Yellow Jellyfish - In "Revenge of the Flying Dutchman," they are the only ones to sting when one comes across them.
  • Green Jellyfish - In "Revenge of the Flying Dutchman," they are the only ones to fly up when someone is trying to capture them.

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