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Jelly Patty

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Jelly Patty


A Jelly Patty with its contents revealed

The Jelly Patty was one of the items created by SpongeBob on the Krusty Krab menu. The product is merely a Krabby Patty with Jellyfish Jelly in it. It only appeared in the episode Jellyfish Hunter. There is also a blue jelly patty by No Name, but SpongeBob never ate it.


During SpongeBob's lunch break (which lasted about 2 minutes), he spread some jelly on a patty. He gave some to Fred, which he loved it. After Fred told Mr. Krabs how much he liked SpongeBob's new recipe, Mr. Krabs made it an item on the menu. But he started bribing SpongeBob to catch frequently more and more jellyfish, until there was no more jellyfish left in the entire city, except from No Name. Mr. Krabs was then putting the jellyfish in a large Jellyfish Milking Factory, where the jellyfish experienced some horrible treatments, just for the juice they're producing. No Name was angered about this, and he later capture SpongeBob and transported him to the factory. SpongeBob and No Name managed to free the other jellyfish from a large tank inside the factory, after fooling Mr. Krabs to say the "open" key word. Once the jellyfish in the tank inside the factory was released, they attacked Mr. Krabs, this made him remove the Jelly Patty from his menu. The Jelly Patty wasn't seen in any other episodes since.

Spongebob Moves In

Jelly Patties appear in SpongeBob Moves In as a premium food, it requires 1 Krabby Patty and a jar of Jellyfish Jelly, the premium currency of the game. It takes 45 seconds to be made.

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