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The Jelly Hive is the jellyfish hive of the Queen Jellyfish, among others. It appears in the comic strip What Lurks Inside the Jelly Hive?




It is a large, grounded jellyfish hive. Its exterior is similar to the one seen in the episode "Nature Pants."


It is split into nine rooms: Foyer, Security Room, Game Room, Gym, Nursery, Reading Room, Jelly Disco, Squeeze Station, and Queen's Throne Room.

The Foyer is simple and hive-like: there is jellyfish jelly hanging on the ceiling and the floor.

The Security Room is similar to the Foyer, but it has an additional desk with a lamp on it and a poster on the wall that reads, "Wanted" and has an image of SpongeBob holding a jellyfishing net on it. This is the place where the guard jellyfish works.

The Game Room has a purple wall and purple floor. It has a large TV and a corner couch.

The Gym has a small hanging TV, dumbbells, a treadmill, and some mats for stretching.

The Nursery has a bed for baby jellyfish to sleep. This is where the nursery jellyfish works.

The Reading Room has at least two chairs, a lamp, and a table with comics, magazines, and newspapers on it.

The Jelly Disco has a disco ball.

The Squeeze Station has a conveyor belt with jars so that jellyfish can squeeze out jelly.

The Queen's Throne Room is where the Queen Jellyfish is. She has a large chair and numerous subjects are there.

Associated characters

  • Queen Jellyfish - This is her work and likely her home.
  • Guard Jellyfish - This is his or her work and likely his or her home.
  • Nursery Jellyfish - This is his or her work and likely his or her home.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - He once uninvitedly visited here.