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If you were looking for the article about the green fish, then see Ivy.

Ivy[1] is a common brownish-gray fish, who is best friends with Nat Peterson. He first appears in the episode "Valentine's Day."


Ivy is a brownish-gray fish with a light brown-gray dorsal fin and lips. He wears light blue pants and a black belt with a golden belt buckle on it. He wears light brown boots, but is also normally barefoot. He is tall, with mismatching fins that are small like Evelyn's.


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  • Ivy may be the second person to eat the most from Plankton's chum. The person who holds the record for eating the most chum is his best friend, Nat.
  • Ivy's arms are much shorter in "Shuffleboarding" compared to other episodes, such as "Hello Bikini Bottom!"
  • The episode, "Hello Bikini Bottom!" may prove that Ivy and Nat are still friends since Ivy is seen right beside Nat in line during the first song.
  • Ivy is naturally a female name, but this Ivy is male.
  • His model number is "106."[2][3]