Interpretive Dance Academy is a dance academy located in Tentacle Acres. Its residents dance with an instructor. It appears in the episode "Squidville." Squidette, Squidward, and other octopi took this class. It is across the road from the store Full of Health.


It is a yellowish-brown colored building with light pink windows and door screens. It has a big picture of an octopus dancing to pink musical notes and underneath that is a smaller sign that says Interpretive Dance Academy on it.


The Interpretive Dance Academy features octopi who dance like Squidward with style. The octopi are instructed to wear dance leotards.

Squidward is then tired out of dancing, buying bread, riding his bike, and being part of the clarinet trio. He moved out of Tentacle Acres, but he could have stopped his Interpretive Dance Academy membership when he moved out.


  • This location and him being there could mean that "Culture Shock" could take place before "Squidville."