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Inferno Island

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Inferno Island
Inferno island
Industry: Prison
Location: Near Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Appearance: "The Inmates of Summer"
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Inferno Island is a prison in the middle of the sea. It was only seen in the episode "The Inmates of Summer" where SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star were accidentally sent there, thinking it was summer camp. It has a warden that is extremely harsh and strict with the prisoners and his own colleagues.

The island is essentially the underwater equivalent of Alcatraz Island. It is stationed upon a rocky formation that appears to frequently go through frequent, harsh thunderstorms.

Inferno Island appears to be somewhat close to Sun Fun Island, since boats from each island pick up their people (campers/prisoners) on the same dock and also because the counselor was able to get to the island in a raft.





  • Inferno Island is based on Alcatraz, an island prison in San Francisco, California.
  • The first picture of the episode shows just a big space of land in the middle, when later on, it seems like there is plenty of room when everyone's in their cells.

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