The Ice Cream Truck is a vehicle made entirely of ice cream that only appears in the comicstrip CreamBob ConePants.


The ice cream truck is, as its name states, a truck made entirely out of ice cream. It has light-green colored ice cream (possibly mint) for the body and doors of the truck, brown-colored ice cream for the wheels, bumpers, window ledge and the walls surrounding the side window of the truck, and silvery-white colored ice cream for the windows, headlights and the grille at the front of the truck.


When SpongeBob and Patrick say that they're hungry, CreamBob offers them an Ice Cream Cake and an Ice Cream Sandwich, before telling them to check the ice cream truck. SpongeBob licks the back of the truck, before he and Patrick devour the truck. CreamBob then comments that they must be stuffed after eating the truck, before they quickly devour him and everything else in Pint Bottom.

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