The Ice Cream King is a starfish who owns a large ice cream store. He only appears in the episode "Patrick's Coupon."


He is a pink starfish who looks very similar to Patrick. He wears a cone-patterned skirt and a golden crown (which is too small to properly fit him). He also has pimples all over his body, some of them sprouting hair. His appearance overall resembles strawberry ice cream in a cone topped with cherries.


He is a lot like Patrick, having a dimwitted unintelligent nature, an example of this being when he doesn't know what year it is, which can imply he is a recluse. Because of their similar behavior, the two got along immediately and when competing they showed respect to one another. The Ice Cream King even accepted his defeat from Patrick and gave him a free ice cream though it was really one from his armpit.

Role in episode

When Patrick arrives at the Ice Cream King's mansion, he is pulled inside by the Ice Cream King. After some conversation, the Ice Cream King gives his glasses (a pair of actual drinking glasses) to Patrick so he can read the fine print on his coupon, which causes the Ice Cream King to initiate "the king's challenge" after realizing what is written.

The Ice Cream King and Patrick then participate in a hair growing contest, which the Ice Cream King loses after Patrick grows armpit hair. Later, the two fight each other in order to prove that Patrick can redeem his coupon. After the battle, the Ice Cream King honors Patrick's coupon and gives him an ice cream cone (which he kept in his hairy armpit).


  • He is voiced by Peter Browngardt, creator and voice actor of Uncle Grandpa.