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Hydro-dynamic Spatula

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Hydro-dynamic Spatula
Hydrodynamic spat
Type: Spatula
First appearance: "Help Wanted"
Latest appearance: "Thank Gosh It's Monday"
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The Hydro-dynamic Spatula is a spatula first featured in the episode, "Help Wanted."


It has a normal spatula as a base, but has two other spatulas attached either sides of it. So, it is like a fork of three spatulas. There is a black stalk or areal on the top with a red L.E.D. light on top of that which flashes.

Role in series

SpongeBob purchased the spatula on a quest in order to become an employee for the Krusty Krab (although Mr. Krabs thought it up to get rid of SpongeBob). It appeared in the episodes, "Help Wanted" and "All that Glitters" (when it is broken). It is unknown about what happened to it in the following episodes, as SpongeBob's normal spatula has none of the abilities of the former. Its full name is the Hydro-dynamic spatula with port and starboard attachments and turbo drive. It appears during the song Thank Gosh It's Monday music video while SpongeBob was getting his name tag.

The spatula was bought at Barg'N-Mart in Bikini Bottom, and there was only one left in stock.

Its two most recognizable abilities, and that is the ability of propelling the user skywards and having multiple spatula heads.


  • This is the first spatula SpongeBob uses in the entire series.

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