The human football players are a team of football players who appear on the sports channel on TV playing football. They appear in the episodes "Your Shoe's Untied", "The Sponge Who Could Fly" and "Spin the Bottle".


The football players are teams of humans who wear regular football uniforms. In "Your Shoe's Untied," one team wears white colored uniforms, while the other team wears black colored uniforms.

In "Spin the Bottle," one team wears yellow colored uniforms, while the other team wears red colored uniforms.


In "Your Shoe's Untied," SpongeBob is watching an anemone on TV before Gary moves next to him. He meows, startling SpongeBob, and making him change the channel to a football match.

In "The Sponge Who Could Fly," when Patchy is looking for a button to rewind the cassette, and accidentally presses a button causing the channel to switch. When Patchy is switching through channels, one of the channels he changes is a football match.

In "Spin the Bottle," SpongeBob comes home with the Genie Bottle to show Gary, who is watching a football match.