Human football players


Spin the Bottle 037

Interests: Football
Occupation(s): Football players
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Classification: Human
Series information
First appearance: "Your Shoe's Untied"
Latest appearance: "Spin the Bottle"
List of characters

The human football players are teams of football players who appear on a sports channel on TV playing football. They first appear in "Your Shoe's Untied."


The football players are teams of humans who wear regular football uniforms. In "Your Shoe's Untied," one team wears white colored uniforms, while the other team wears black colored uniforms.

In "Spin the Bottle," one team wears yellow colored uniforms, while the other team wears red colored uniforms.


In "Your Shoe's Untied," SpongeBob is watching an anemone on TV, before Gary moves next to him. He meows, startling SpongeBob and making him change the channel to a football match.

In "Spin the Bottle," SpongeBob comes home with the Genie Bottle to show Gary, who is watching a football match.


  • Each team shown wears a different colored uniform.

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