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The Human Resources guy is a male fish that appears in the episode "Selling Out." He later made a cameo in "Larry the Floor Manager."


He is a large dark teal-green fish, with mustard yellow stripes on his arms, and wears a dark greenish-yellow shirt and brown pants with a black belt with a gold buckle, and wears black boots. He also appears to have shaved, and has a little amount of hair on his head. He is also very muscular.


"Selling Out"

When Carl threatened Squidward if he didn't smile while tending to customers, he was going to speak with human resources to which the Human Resources guy comes out pounding his fist. After Squidward agrees to smile, the Human Resources guy then leaves.

"Larry The Floor Manager"

He appears in the scene when the garbage the patties are made out of leaks and everyone gets flushed out.